Postal area NW6

Postcode in The Underground Map, existing between 1917 and now

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Postcode · The Underground Map · NW6 · Contributed by The Underground Map
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The Underground Map

The Underground Map is a website dedicated to some of the more obscure pieces of London Town (as well as some of the more well-known places).

The Underground Map project is creating a decade-by-decade series of historical maps of the area which lies within London's M25 ring.

From the 1800s until the 1950s, you can see how London grew from a city which only reached as far as Park Lane into the post war megapolis we know today.

Brondesbury College:   Brondesbury College for Boys is a selective independent school for boys.
Brondesbury Park:   Brondesbury Park is an affluent suburb and electoral ward of the London Borough of Brent.
Chimes Shopping Centre, UB8:   Chimes Shopping Centre is in central Uxbridge.
Gloucester Road:   Gloucester Road: Where Rumpole of the Bailey hung his hat.
Kilburn:   Kilburn is an area which straddles both sides of the Edgware Road (Kilburn High Road).

Rural Brondesbury (1894):   This photo says that it depicts the field where Mapesbury, Dartmouth, Teignmouth and Exeter Roads are now situated.
White Conduit Street (1950s):   A line of children hold hands as they walk along the middle of White Conduit Street towards the junction with Chapel Market in Islington in the 1950s.

A3113, SL3 · A4020, UB9 · A437, UB10 · A437, UB8 · Agincourt Villas, UB10 · Albion Mews, NW6 · Anderson Close, UB9 · Apple Tree Avenue, UB8 · Ashcroft Drive, UB9 · Ashley Road, UB8 · Athelstan Gardens, NW6 · Austin Waye, UB8 · Austins Lane, UB10 · Aylsham Drive, UB10 · Beaudesert Mews, UB7 · Bell Avenue, UB7 · Bellclose Road, UB7 · Bembridge Close, NW6 · Berkeley Road, UB10 · Biko Close, UB8 · Blake Close, W10 · Blunts Avenue, UB7 · Boniface Road, UB10 · Bramble Close, UB8 · Brambles Farm Drive, UB10 · Brampton Road, UB10 · Braybourne Close, UB8 · Breakspear Road North, UB9 · Breakspear Road South, UB10 · Breakspear Road South, UB9 · Brewster Gardens, W10 · Bridge Road, UB8 · Brunel University Footway, UB8 · Bryden Cottages, UB8 · Bryony Close, UB8 · Burnham Avenue, UB10 · Bushey Close, UB10 · Bushey Road, UB10 · C237, UB7 · Cambridge Close, UB7 · Campion Close, UB9 · Candover Close, UB7 · Cathedral Walk, NW6 · Cavendish Close, NW6 · Cavendish Road, NW6 · Chapel Lane, UB8 · Chapman Close, UB7 · Charles Street, UB10 · Charter Place, UB8 · Chippendale Waye, UB8 · Christchurch Avenue, NW2 · Christchurch Avenue, NW6 · Church Close, UB7 · Church Lane, UB8 · Church Road, UB7 · Church Road, UB8 · Church Road, UB9 · Civic Centre, UB8 · Clammas Way, UB8 · Claremont Road, W10 · Clarence Road, NW6 · Clayton Way, UB8 · Cobden Close, UB8 · Colham Green Road, UB8 · Colham Roundabout, UB8 · College Parade, NW6 · College Yard, NW6 · Community Close, UB10 · Concorde Close, UB10 · Countess Close, UB9 · Court Road, UB10 · Courtfield Gardens, UB9 · Coventry Street, W1V · Coverdale Road, NW2 · Cowdray Road, UB10 · Cowley Business Park, UB8 · Cowley Mill Road, UB8 · Cowslip Close, UB10 · Crescent Parade, UB10 · Cricketfield Road, UB7 · Cross Road, UB8 · Crown Way, UB7 · Croxley View, WD99 · Cuckoo Hill, HA5 · Culvert Lane, UB8 · Curran Close, UB8 · Daleham Drive, UB8 · Dalgarno Way, W10 · Darfield Way, W10 · De Salis Road, UB10 · Dean Close, UB10 · Dellfield Crescent, UB8 · Dellfield Parade, UB8 · Denecroft Crescent, UB10 · Denecroft Cresent, UB10 · Denham Avenue, UB9 · Denham Court Drive, UB9 · Denham Court Nursery, UB9 · Denham Gallery, UB9 · Denham Green Close, UB9 · Denham Green Lane, UB9 · Denham Lodge, UB9 · Denham Way, UB9 · Denziloe Avenue, UB10 · Derby Road, UB8 · Devon Way, UB10 · Dickens Avenue, UB8 · Drakes Courtyard, NW6 · Drayton Gardens, UB7 · Duckworth Drive, KT21 · Dukes Ride, UB10 · Dyne Road, NW6 · Eastcastle Street, W1N · Edenham Way, W10 · Edgar Road, UB7 · Enstone Road, UB10 · Entrance B, UB8 · Entrance D, UB8 · Exeter Parade, NW2 · Exeter Road, NW2 · Exeter Road, NW6 · Fairfield Road, UB7 · Ferndale Crescent, UB8 · Ferrers Avenue, UB7 · Field Road, UB9 · Floriston Avenue, UB10 · Forest Close, NW6 · Frays Avenue, UB7 · Frays Close, UB7 · Gatting Way, UB8 · George Street, UB8 · Glisson Road, UB10 · Goodlake Court, UB9 · Granville Road, UB10 · Grove Close, UB10 · Halls Terrace, UB10 · Hansel Road, NW6 · Harefield Road, UB8 · Harlington Road, UB8 · Hartshill Close, UB10 · Harvey Road, UB10 · Harvil Road, UB9 · Hatch Lane, UB7 · Heather Walk, W10 · High Street, UB7 · High Street, UB8 · Hill Farm Road, W10 · Hilliards Road, UB8 · Hillingdon Hill, UB10 · Hillingdon Parade, UB10 · Hillingdon Trail, UB10 · Hillingdon Trail, UB5 · Hillside, UB9 · Hinkley Close, UB9 · Horseshoe Drive, UB8 · Horton Bridge Road, UB7 · Horton Close, UB7 · Horton Ind Park, UB7 · Horton Parade, UB7 · Humber Drive, W10 · Hyacinth Drive, UB10 · Iver Lane, UB8 · Jackets Lane, UB9 · Keats Way, UB7 · Kelfield Gardens, W10 · Kilburn Lane, NW6 · Kimberley Road, NW6 · Kingscroft Road, NW2 · Kingston Lane, UB7 · Kingston Lane, UB8 · Lancaster Road, UB8 · Landau House, NW2 · Latimer Place, W10 · Lees Parade, UB10 · Lees Road, UB8 · Liddall Way, UB7 · Lincoln Mews, NW6 · Link Way, UB9 · Lodore Green, UB10 · London Orbital Motorway, GU23 · Long Lane, UB10 · Longbridge Way, UB8 · Lovett Road, UB9 · Lovibonds Avenue, UB7 · Lowdell Close, UB7 · Lynch Close, UB8 · Lynhurst Crescent, UB10 · Lynhurst Cresent, UB10 · M25, GU23 · M25, UB9 · M4 J4b M25 J15, SL3 · Malton Mews, W10 · Manchester Drive, W10 · Manor Court, UB9 · Manor Mews, NW6 · Manor Waye, UB8 · Mapesbury Road, NW2 · Meadowlea Close, UB7 · Mellow Lane East, UB10 · Mellow Lane West, UB10 · Merton Avenue, UB10 · Merton Way, UB10 · Micawber Avenue, UB8 · Midas Industrial Estate, UB8 · Middle Road, UB9 · Mill Avenue, UB8 · Millwood Street, W10 · Moor Lane, UB7 · Moorland Road, UB7 · Mount Pleasant Road, NW6 · Mount Pleasant, UB9 · Mowbray Road, NW6 · Narborough Close, UB10 · Nellgrove Road, UB10 · Nellgrove Road, UB8 · New Arcade, UB8 · New Broadway, UB10 · New Road, UB10 · New Road, UB8 · New Windsor Street, UB8 · Nicholls Avenue, UB8 · Norburn Street, W10 · Norfolk Road, UB8 · Normans Close, UB8 · North Orbital Road, UB9 · North Orbital Way, UB9 · Northwood Road, UB9 · Nursery Lane, W10 · Nursery Waye, UB8 · Oak Avenue, UB10 · Oakdene Road, UB10 · Old Mill Lane, SL0 · Old Mill Lane, UB8 · Orchard Close, W10 · Ornan Road, NW3 · Oxford Road, UB8 · Oxford Road, UB9 · Paget Road, UB10 · Parkfield Road, UB10 · Pendle Court, UB10 · Pepys Close, UB10 · Petrie Close, NW2 · Petworth Gardens, UB10 · Philpots Close, UB7 · Pield Heath Road, UB8 · Pinstone Way, UB9 · Plympton Avenue, NW6 · Plympton Road, NW6 · Poplar Avenue, UB7 · Porters Way, UB7 · Priory Avenue, UB9 · Priory Close, UB9 · Priory Cottages, UB9 · Providence Road, UB7 · Richards Close, UB10 · Richmond Avenue, UB10 · Rickmansworth Road, UB9 · River Walk, UB9 · Riverside Way, SL0 · Riverside Way, UB8 · Riverside Yard, UB8 · Rockingham Parade, UB8 · Rockingham Road, UB8 · Roker Park Avenue, UB10 · Rootes Drive, W10 · Roseary Close, UB7 · ROSEMARY CLOSE, UB8 · Roundwood Avenue, UB11 · Rowan Road, UB7 · Rowlheys Place, UB7 · Rubastic Road, UB18 · Rudolph Road, NW6 · Ruffle Close, UB7 · Ryeland Close, UB7 · Saint Lawrence Terrace, W10 · Salamander Quay West, UB9 · Sandy Lodge Road, WD3 · School Road, UB7 · Sefton Way, UB8 · Selby Square, W10 · Shepherds Close, UB8 · Shoot Up Hill, NW2 · Shoot-up Hill, NW2 · Shrewsbury Street, W10 · Silver Way, UB10 · Sipson Road, UB7 · Sipson Way, UB7 · Skate park, UB10 · Skylark Road, UB9 · Slade Oak Lane, UB9 · Snarsgate Street, W10 · Snowden Avenue, UB10 · South Road, UB7 · Southfield Close, UB8 · Spout Lane North, TW19 · St Cuthbert?s Road, NW2 · St Ervans Road, W10 · St Francis Road, UB9 · St Martin Close, UB8 · St Marys Close, UB9 · Stainby Close, UB7 · Stanwell Moor Road, TW18 · Station Walk, W10 · Stilwell Roundabout, UB8 · Sullivan Crescent, UB9 · Summerhouse Business Park, UB9 · Summerhouse Lane, UB7 · Swakeleys Road, UB10 · Swakeleys Road, UB8 · Sweetcroft Lane, UB10 · Sweetcroft Lane, UB8 · Symphony Mews, W10 · Tachbrook Road, UB8 · Tayfield Close, UB10 · Temple Park, UB8 · The Avenue, NW6 · The Chase, UB10 · The Chimes Shopping Centre, UB8 · The Crescent, UB1 · The Crossway, UB10 · The Greenway, UB10 · The Greenway, UB9 · The Meads, UB8 · The Penthouse Apartment Riverbank Point, UB8 · The Poplars, UB9 · The Quadrant, NW6 · The Quays, M5 · The Rise, UB10 · The Shrubs, UB9 · The Terrace, NW6 · Three Oaks Close, UB10 · Tilehouse Lane, UB9 · Tilehouse Lane, WD3 · Tilehouse Way, UB9 · Torbay Road, NW6 · Townsend Road, nr Ealing Broadway · Trout Lane, UB7 · U2, UB9 · U9, UB9 · Upper Road, UB9 · Uxbridge Road, UB10 · Uxbridge Road, UB8 · Village Road, UB9 · Vine Street, UB8 · Violet Avenue, UB8 · Virginia Street, E98 · Wallingford Avenue, W10 · Warwick Road, UB7 · Waterloo Passage, NW6 · Webb Close, W10 · Wescott Way, UB8 · West Cross Route, W10 · West Drayton Road, UB10 · West Drayton Road, UB8 · Western Avenue, HA4 · Western Avenue, UB10 · Western Avenue, UB8 · Westview Close, W10 · Westway Roundabout, W10 · Westway, W10 · Wheatstone Road, W10 · Whiteleys Parade, UB10 · Willesden Lane, NW6 · Willow Avenue, UB9 · Willow Crescent West, UB9 · Wimpole Street, W1M · Winchester Avenue, NW6 · Wisley Interchange, GU23 · Woodcroft Crescent, UB10 · Worcester Road, UB8 · Wren Drive, UB7 · Wyatts Covert, UB9 · Wyvern Way, UB8 · York Road, UB8 ·



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Land ownership in Willesden (1823) FREE DOWNLOAD
Map of land ownership in the Willesden area in 1823
City of London Corporation

John Rocque Map of Hampstead (1762).
John Rocque (c. 1709–1762) was a surveyor, cartographer, engraver, map-seller and the son of Huguenot émigrés. Roque is now mainly remembered for his maps of London. This map dates from the second edition produced in 1762. London and his other maps brought him an appointment as cartographer to the Prince of Wales in 1751. His widow continued the business after his death. The map of Hampstead covers an area stretching from the edge in the northwest of present-day Dollis Hill to Islington in the southeast.
John Rocque, The Strand, London

Environs of London (1832) FREE DOWNLOAD
Engraved map. Hand coloured. Relief shown by hachures. A circle shows "Extent of the twopenny post delivery."
Chapman and Hall, London

London Underground Map (1921).  FREE DOWNLOAD
London Underground map from 1921.
London Transport

The Environs of London (1865).  FREE DOWNLOAD
Prime meridian replaced with "Miles from the General Post Office." Relief shown by hachures. Map printed in black and white.
Published By J. H. Colton. No. 172 William St. New York

London Underground Map (1908).  FREE DOWNLOAD
London Underground map from 1908.
London Transport

Ordnance Survey of the London region (1939) FREE DOWNLOAD
Ordnance Survey colour map of the environs of London 1:10,560 scale
Ordnance Survey. Crown Copyright 1939.

Outer London (1901) FREE DOWNLOAD
Outer London shown in red, City of London in yellow. Relief shown by hachures.
Stanford's Geographical Establishment. London : Edward Stanford, 26 & 27, Cockspur St., Charing Cross, S.W. (1901)

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