Hoop Lane Cemetery

Cemetery/graveyard in/near Hampstead Garden Suburb, existing between 1895 and now

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Cemetery/graveyard · Hampstead Garden Suburb · NW11 ·

In 1895 a Jewish Cemetery was established on Hoop Lane, with the first burial in 1897.

The first burial took place in 1897. The cemetery grounds are physically divided in two, so that the graves and prayer halls for each congregation are separate. The West London Synagogue of British Jews and the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation own the Cemetery.

Golders Green Crematorium was opened in 1902 opposite on Hoop Lane by Sir Henry Thompson, founder of the Cremation Society of England. It was designed by Sir Ernest George and A. B. Yeates as a range of red-brick buildings in a 'Lombardic' style, dominated by a chapel. A columbarium for the receipt of ashes was completed in 1911, the cloister in 1914, and a second columbarium in 1916.

A second chapel, to the designs of Mitchell and Bridgewater, was added in 1938.

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Hampstead Garden Suburb

Hampstead Garden Suburb is a suburb, north of Hampstead, west of Highgate, and east of Golders Green. It is an example of early twentieth-century domestic architecture and town planning located in the London Borough of Barnet in northwest London.

The master plan was prepared by Barry Parker and Sir Raymond Unwin.
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