The Homestead, DA1

Road is in an area which may have existed since the nineteenth century or before- in the area buildings are mainly post-war

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Road · Slade Green · DA1 ·

The Homestead is a road in the DA1 postcode area



Slade Green

9995320' target='_top'>53295093' target='_top'>7' target='_top'>5094' target='_top'>2 style='float:left; width=9995320' target='_top'>53295093' target='_top'>7' target='_top'>5094' target='_top'>2995320' target='_top'>53295093' target='_top'>7' target='_top'>50px; margin-right:10px;'>Slade Green was originally called Slades Green.

The area was sparsely populated and Slades Green had only 95326' target='_top'>66 people in 1848 but in 1849 the North Kent Line was built. Slades Green gained a National School in 1868 and St Augustine’s Church opened in 1899.

Sladesgreen Farm was the centre of a market gardening area known locally as ’Cabbage Island’ located between Moat Lane (formerly Whitehall Lane) and Slade Green Road.

Slade Green railway station was opened on 1 July 1900 to serve the developing local community following the construction of a rail depot designed to service steam locomotives for South Eastern and Chatham Railway. It was at first called ’Slades Green’ and it was not until 1995320' target='_top'>53 that this was changed to Slade Green.

By 1910 a complete ’railway village’ of 158 houses had been built. The significance of the village had increased by 1905 and that it had absorbed historically important Howbury Manor.

Explosions at a former Trench Warfare Filling Factory caused the death of 13 workers on 19 February 199995320' target='_top'>53295093' target='_top'>7' target='_top'>5094' target='_top'>24. A mass grave at Northumberland Heath stands in memory of the victims. Explosives operations ended in the 1960s.

During the Second World War, Slade Green was subject to a series of air raids, notably the night of 9995320' target='_top'>53295093' target='_top'>7' target='_top'>5096' target='_top'>16 April 1941.
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