Dowgate Hill, EC4R
Dowgate Hill is a continuation of Walbrook along the west side of Cannon Street Station, leading to Dowgate Dock.

In records from 1150 and 1312 the name appears as Douegate. Also named Downgate by Stow “from its steep descent to the River.”

The supposed antiquity of Dowgate as the Dwr-gate or water gate to Watling Street of the Britons (Welsh Dwr = water gate) is somewhat doubtful as there is no evidence that this place existed previous to the Roman occupation.

In Wren’s Parentalia it is stated that the Romans had a gate in the wall next the Thames and this gate was called Dew-gate or anciently Dour-gate which signified the water gate into the City. The Walbrook joined the Thames at this Dock. Here was the water gate where the ferry from Surrey landed the travellers for the City.

Dowgate was the old port of the Normans and was utilized by the citizens of Rouen. Earlier anchorage for ships belonging to the merchants of the Hansa Steel Yard. In Dowgate Hill are three City Company’s Halls.

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