Summerhill Road, N15
Summerhill Road (1914)
Summerhill Road runs from Philip Lane to West Green Road.

The earliest map of Tottenham came out in 1619 and had the land mapped out in to plots. The biggest landowner marked upon it was a Mrs Candler.

The piece of land on which Summerhill Road now stands was marked as ’Redlands’, an orchard and owned by a Mr Lack. The surrounding roads were Blackhope Lane (now West Green Road) and Philip Lane.

Blackhope Lane was renamed Blackthorn Lane at the turn of the nineteenth century. On a contemprary map, a factory covered some of the site of the future Summerhill Road and Clyde Road but mostly it was meadowland hereabouts.

By the 1850s, both Summerhill Road and Janson’s Road had been constructed on 36 acres of meadow between Philip Lane and West Green Road. The first terraces of Summerhill Road were built in 1856 and 1859. Nearby Bathurst Road (now Lawrence Road) had a floor cloth factory at the same time.

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