Dupont Street, E14
The corner of Dupont Street (1925). The roofs are covered to keep out the rain and the houses have no glass in the windows.
Credit: Evening News
Dupont Street ran from Maroon Street to Burn Street.

Limehouse was a large, important London port in the medieval period. It specialised in production such as rope making and shipbuilding rather than cargo handling. In 1600, it was estimated that half of the population of 2000 who lived in Limehouse had a seafaring connection.

Dupont Street seems to have been built as Catherine Place during the 1820s. The name Dupont Street replaced Burn Street before 1912 though on the 1900 map, both names appear simultaneously. The street contained a pub - the Devonshire Arms - at 10 Dupont Street.

Well into the twentieth century, Dupont Street was a classed as a slum.

During the 1990s, Dupont Street was replaced by Shaw Crescent which was built over the top of it.

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