This website is a project which is creating a history website for London, one article at a time.
There are various ways in which this website can be used.

First of all, we perhaps need to explain that the website has two parts:

This part - the main website - is the heart of our information. You are seeing the help text right now but the part of the page where all this help text is - headed THE UNDERGROUND MAP PROJECT - in 'normal operation' has a map or an article placed in this spot.

The other part is our blog - it's a (near) daily guide to the best articles on the website. But looks different from the main website.

Whichever 'side' of the website you are on, the navigation at the top left is consistent between the two - click BLOG to get to the blog and HOME/MAIN SITE to get back to here, the main website.

You can search any of the locations that have been created so far by searching for the title. Type into the box below:
There are a series of historical maps covering each decade between 1800 and 1950.
Navigate to the area that you wish to view using the dropdown. Choose a location and then click Reset Location
Search for a street in London by typing its name into the box below:
Users have created a series of historical location articles to go with the historic maps.
Click icons on the mapping to display each article. Subjects are many and various - simply explore!
P.S. We mean the real mapping like here, not the example on the right...

Clicking on the map control reveals other decades...