April 2015 archive

Apr 30

Decades of maps

When you are on the mapping part of the website, you can view different maps covering the same area dating between 1750 and the current day. We are going to insert a screenshot now into this help article and then pick up the explanation below it. The image above is a screen grab from the …

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Apr 26

Adela Street, W10

N.B. Clicking on map markers take you to articles on the main website Thanks to a feature about the movie Steptoe and Son (1972) on the ReelStreets website, we are taking a small trip both down memory lane and indeed Adela Street in Kensal Town. Adela Street is a tiny, otherwise inconsequential cul-de-sac off of …

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Apr 25

Western Arms

  The Western Arms was a pub situated on the corner of Ladbroke Grove and Kensal Road. Before changes in local licensing laws after the Second World War, it was notable in the past for being the last pub in Kensington where pubs shut at 10.30pm during the week. North of here, the Harrow Road …

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Apr 23

Cobden Club

The Cobden Working Men’s Club and Institute was sitauated at 170-172 Kensal Road. Lord William Cobden, the Fabian philanthropist, established the club in 1882 It remained a social centre for the neighbourhood for more than 100 years. Amongst its cultural contributions was its hosting of Christmas kids’ parties – a big feature of many of …

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Apr 20

A rural Chamberlayne Road

If you know contemporary Kensal Rise, this is a quite astounding photograph. The title found elsewhere on the web labels it as “Footpath off Chamberlayne Road leading to Kensal Green (1910)”. But looking at a 1900 map, there’s no place for a rural footpath from Chamberlayne Road towards Kensal Green. The footpath in question. I …

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Apr 16

West End Lane, NW6

N.B. Clicking on map markers take you to articles on the main website West End Lane is one of the West Hampstead’s oldest roads. It was already named West End Lane by 1644. West End Lane and Mill Lane (Shoot Up Hill Lane and Cole Lane), probably existed as access in the Middle Ages since …

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Apr 15

Rillington Place

Click the map icons to view other streets and locations A lot has been written about 10 Rillington Place – the location for the infamous activities of murderer John Christie, later made into a movie with Richard Attenborough in the starring role. Indeed, this author has a personal interest – my grandparents lived at 10 …

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Apr 12

A lost W10 map

This is an “a propos to nothing” post, as the old Danny Baker Radio London show used to say. Here is a mystery map of the estate in North Kensington which was redeveloped after 1950 – the area has been extensively bombed by the Luftwaffe. It seems to be based on the 1897 Ordnance Survey …

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Apr 10

The West Cross Route

The West Cross Route (WCR) and the other roads planned in the 1960s for central London had developed from early schemes prior to the Second World War through Sir Patrick Abercrombie’s County of London Plan, 1943 and Greater London Plan, 1944 to a 1960s Greater London Council (GLC) scheme that would have involved the construction …

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Apr 07

Wood Lane, W12

In the 1780s, Wood Lane was known as Turvens Lane after Turvens House located a short distance north of Shepherd’s Bush Green. By the 1830s it had received its current name. In the 1860s the railway arrived with a line running parallel with Wood Lane but the area was still rural in character with the …

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