Black Path

blackpathBlack Path joined Billy Fury Way in 2011 as an official name for an unnamed footpath.

It was an initiative driven by the police. One of the imperatives for naming paths such as this one and the Black Path was so the police could identify their location when chasing wrong-uns down these network of alleyways.

Liberal Democrat councillor John Bryant had launched “Name That Path!” in 2009 – a project aimed at finally putting a name to three hitherto unidentified pathways in West Hampstead.

Linking West End Lane to Broomsleigh Street, Black Path was already the unofficial name for the alleyway before its official name backoned.

Billy Fury Way was first choice over option two, Decca Way, for the alley leading from West End Lane to Finchley Road.

An alley that runs behind the Lithos Road estate to Lymington Road was anointed Potteries Path.


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