Category: Battersea

Nine Elms

The old hamlet of Nine Elms was the first settlement in Battersea travellers from London would encounter, after they branched off from the main road to Wandsworth (a turnpike from 1717) along the lane leading towards Battersea village and crossed the Heathwall brook. For some two hundred yards this lane ran parallel and close to …

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Lavender Hill

The name Lavender Hill derives from the use of the fields on either side of this stretch of road for the cultivation of lavender and other herbs, by the nursery business set up in 1820 by William Pamplin. The hill would have been a fragrant and beautiful place until the late 1850s, with a few …

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Shaftesbury Park Estate

The 42 and a half acre Shaftesbury Park Estate was promoted as the Workmen’s City – widely seen as demonstrating a credible solution to the urban housing problem. Shaftesbury Park was built between 1872 and 1877. It was the first major development of the Artizans’, Labourers’, & General Dwellings Company, founded by a band of …

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