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A Dictionary of Lost East London

  An absolute must for anyone interested in the history of East London or who is exploring their East London ancestry – a comprehensive dictionary of the lost streets, roads, alleys, lanes, public houses, blocks of flats, places of worship, schools, hospitals, docks, wharves and other places of note. Find out where it was and/or …

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The Streets of London

Alas the wonderful “The Streets Of London” by S. Fairfield (1983) is currently out of print. It aims to list every street within the rivers Lea, Wandle and Ravensbourne (and Hammersmith – a non river)

Streets of Camden Town

The “Streets of Camden Town”, subtitled ‘A survey of streets, buildings & former residents in a part of Camden’ is published by the Camden History Society. It drifts in and out of print but can be picked up second hand on Amazon occasionally.

The (Old) Isle of Dogs from A to Z

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”//” width=”120″ height=”240″] The Isle of Dogs in London has changed almost beyond recognition in the last 20 years. Mike Lemmerman’s book is an A to Z of many of the disappeared and disappearing Island buildings, roads, firms, schools, churches and more….with all entries accompanied by concise descriptions, and the book as a …

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London Street Names by Gillan Bebbington

This project has used the excellent 1972 book by Gillian Bebbington, “London Street Names”. At time of writing, this book is sadly out of print. All of the streets linked to here are streets with a story behind them with many of the street descriptions deriving from the book. Abbey Orchard Street, SW1¬†Built over a …

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Chambers London Gazetteer

Chambers London Gazetteer by Russ Willey is currently out of print. It contains over 1350 entries covering the breadth of this multifaceted capital city. Packed with historical detail, quirky facts and anecdotes, it gives a fascinating panorama of London.

The East End in Colour, 1960-1980

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”//” width=”120″ height=”240″] Stepney Photographer David Granick (1912-80) has been the feature of a major book: “The East End in Colour 1960-80” edited by Chris Dorley-Brown and published by Hoxton Minipress. When a local photographer was invited to examine 1,000s of David Granick’s colour slides in early 2017, he knew he’d seen something …

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The London Encyclopaedia

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”//” width=”120″ height=”240″] Part of an occasional series of London book recommendations, the London Encyclopaedia is probably THE definitive guide to the most interesting areas and people of London. We have provided a link direct to Amazon should you wish to buy it. As it says in the sleeve notes: “The London Encyclopaedia …

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Lost London

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”//” width=”120″ height=”240″] Lost London is the story of the city as told through the buildings, parks and palaces that are no longer with us. Places like the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, the leading venue for public entertainment in the city for over 200 years, or the Palace of Whitehall whose 1500 rooms made …

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Georgian London: Into the Streets

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”//” width=”120″ height=”240″] Travel back to the Georgian years, a time that changed expectations of what life could be. Peek into the gilded drawing rooms of the aristocracy, walk down the quiet avenues of the new middle class, and crouch in the damp doorways of the poor. But watch your wallet – tourists …

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