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Aug 31

Curiosities of London

Curiosities of London: exhibiting the most rare and remarkable objects of interest in the metropolis; with nearly sixty years personal recollections by Timbs, John, 1801-1875 Publication date: 1867 Publisher London : J. C. Hotten The digitised edition was scanned by the University of California Libraries with sponsorship of MSN. The scanning process frequently fails to …

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Aug 30

The Fascination of Clerkenwell and St Luke’s

This text was digitised from part of the “Fascination of London” series of books. Corrections will appear in due course.   This text was digitised from part of the “Fascination of London” series of books. Corrections will appear in due course. PREFATORY NOTE A survey of London, a record of the greatest of all cities, …

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Jul 12

London, Past and Present

  London, Past and Present was written by Henry Benjamin Wheatley (1838-1917) Publication date: 1891 Publisher London : John Murray, Albemarle Street Abbey Road, ST. JOHN’S WOOD. John Gibson Lockhart, the Abbey Street, BERMONDSEY. The eastern extension of Long Abchurch Lane, connecting LOMBARD STREET with CANNON Abercorn Place, Sx JOHN’S WOOD. Charles R. Leslie, R.A., …

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Jun 01

The Fascination of Kensington

The Kensington District, by Geraldine Edith Mitton (First published 1903) Editor: Walter Besant Project Gutenberg THE KENSINGTON DISTRICT Herbert Railton HOLLAND HOUSE. The Fascination of London KENSINGTON BY G. E. MITTON Kensington When people speak of Kensington they generally mean a very small area lying north and south of the High Street; to this some …

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Nov 11

Old and New London: Volume 1

Old and New London: Volume 1 was a book published in 1878 by Cassell, Petter & Galpin. Now out of print, it was digitised by the British History Online project. The Volume describes the western part of the City of London, including Cheapside and St Paul’s, and areas to the west of the City, including …

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Jan 18

The Fascination of Hampstead

Editor’s note: This is a digital reprint of a book from 1902, available as part of the Gutenburg project which has been added to the blog out of interest.   THE FASCINATION OF HAMPSTEAD BY G. E. MITTON EDITED BY SIR WALTER BESANT LONDON ADAM & CHARLES BLACK 1902 Published August, 1902 Reprinted February, 1903 …

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