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Jan 10

Albert Place, W8

Albert Place is a cul-de-sac although there is a hidden footpath on the north side of the street leading to Cambridge Place. Between the Vallotton Estate and Kensington Road to the north, was a house with grounds owned by William Hoof, a successful builder. He entered into a deal with Vallotton to construct Albert Place …

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Nov 07

Abingdon Villas, W8

Abingdon Villas runs between Earls Court Road and Marloes Road. The eastern section of the street consists of red-brick five-storey mansion blocks and the south side of three-storey white stucco houses. The western end has a mixture of three-storey houses, some of which are partially stuccoed and others only stuccoed up to first floor level. …

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Oct 30

Albert Mews, SW7

Albert Mews is a small cobbled mews which has an attractive arched entrance leading onto Victoria Grove, and a gargoyle on the top of the arch. The east side consists of ground floor garages with living accommodation on the first floor. The entrance doors are on the first floor and they are approached along a first …

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Aug 16

Kensington Streets

A guide to Kensington Streets first appeared on the, now defunct, Kensington Living website. All rights and copyright to the original material is retained by that website. Abingdon Road Abingdon Villas Adam and Eve Mews Albert Mews Albert Place Ansdell Terrace test   Argyll Road Many of the other roads in the estate run between …

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Jun 14

Abingdon Road, W8

Abingdon Road stretches between Stratford Road and Kensington High Street. It was built upon land from the Nokes Estate – a farm which used to be in the area. The houses are mainly on three-storeys with basements, some entirely stuccoed and some stuccoed only up to first floor level. The street is tree-lined and very attractive. …

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Jun 13

Nokes Estate, Kensington

Essentially, it included part of Earls Court Lane (now Earls Court Road) and Barrow’s Walk (now Marloes Road) and contained an orchard and several fields on which Abingdon Villas, Scarsdale Villas and neighbouring roads were later built . In 1593 it was owned by Robert Fenn and remained in that family until Sir Robert Fenn …

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Jun 12

Edwardes Estate, Kensington

In 1599 Sir Walter Cope, an influential courtier, bought Abbots Kensington manor from Queen Elizabeth I. He was collecting North Kensington manors. In 1591 he had bought West Town and in 1599 he also bought Notting Barnes, which later became Notting Hill. Cope’s daughter, Isabel, married Sir Henry Rich, the First Earl of Holland. The …

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Jun 11

Inderwick Estate, Kensington

In 1836 John Inderwick, of Wardour Street in Soho, an importer of snuff boxes, bought six and a half acres of land in Kensington on which now stand Nos. 1-13 Canning Place, Victoria Grove, Albert Mews and the north part of Launceston Place. The layout on his little estate was probably created by an architect …

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Jun 10

Adam and Eve Mews, W8

Adam and Eve Mews is a cobbled mews entered under a covered entrance on the south side of Kensington High Street. Some houses have been painted in bright colours, whereas others are faced in plain brick. The mews forks south and west at the end; at the western section again forks north leading to a very …

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Jun 09

Phillimore Estate, Kensington

Campden House In the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, a large country house with spacious grounds, later stood in this area. Sir Walter Cope had lived in it. About 1609 Sir Baptist Hicks bought the house and the estate. In 1628 Hicks was made Viscount Campden (a name he took from a manor he owned …

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