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Sep 01

Notting Hill in Bygone Days: During the Eighteen Thirties

Notting Hill in Bygone Days by Florence Gladstone CHAPTER FOUR DURING THE EIGHTEEN THIRTIES The first encroachment on the rural character of Notting Hill was the cutting of the Paddington Branch of the Grand Junction Canal. Several artificial waterways had already been constructed among the manufacturing towns in the north of England, and the canal …

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Aug 20

Notting Hill in Bygone Days

We have scanned the seminal 1920s book about W10 and W11 history (now out of print): Florence Gladstone’s “Notting Hill in Bygone Days”. Each chapter is available here by following the links.   Chapter 1 Notting Hill in Bygone Days: Chenesitun and Knotting Barns Chapter 2 Notting Hill in Bygone Days: Kensington Gravel Pits and …

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Jun 28

Westway roundabout

A view of the “M41” roundabout under construction at the far end of the Westway. In the first photograph you can see Western Avenue extending into the distance. In the close-up, construction workers building a roundabout which ultimately had no real purpose…

Apr 10

The West Cross Route

The West Cross Route (WCR) and the other roads planned in the 1960s for central London had developed from early schemes prior to the Second World War through Sir Patrick Abercrombie’s County of London Plan, 1943 and Greater London Plan, 1944 to a 1960s Greater London Council (GLC) scheme that would have involved the construction …

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