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Sep 30

Zoological Society Gardens

This item appeared as an entry in the Victorian publication Curiosities of London: exhibiting the most rare and remarkable objects of interest in the metropolis; with nearly sixty years personal recollections by John┬áTimbs, John (1801-1875). Publication date: 1867 Publisher London : J. C. Hotten The digitised edition was scanned by the University of California Libraries …

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Aug 28


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Aug 27

South Uist

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Aug 26


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Aug 25

North Uist

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Aug 24


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Aug 23


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Jun 07

Valloton Estate, Kensington

During 1794 and 1831 members of the Vallotton family bought bits of open land in Kensington west of Love Lane (now Victoria Road). This area was generally known as Kensington New Town. The first member of the family known to have owned land in the area was John James Vallotton. He was a merchant working …

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May 08

London – South of the Thames: Chapter V

This is a digitised copy of the book “London – South of the Thames”┬áby Sir Walter Besant Published in London by Adam & Charles Black (1912) This is in its raw form. Sections will be improved manually on this blog as time goes on. CHAPTER V KENNINGTON On the south-east of Lambeth Hes the town …

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May 04

London – South of the Thames: Chapter I

London – South of the Thames by Sir Walter Besant Published in London by Adam & Charles Black 1912 CHAPTER I HISTORIC SOUTH LONDON The history of nearly all the districts in South London is the same. We may except Greenwich, Deptford, and Woolwich, which have been towns for many years. At the beginning of …

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