Decades of maps

When you are on the mapping part of the website, you can view different maps covering the same area dating between 1750 and the current day. We are going to insert a screenshot now into this help article and then pick up the explanation below it.


The image above is a screen grab from the mapping part of the site. Below the dark blue bar and right at the top of the map, you can see decades numbered from 1750 up until 1940. While viewing any map, click on a decade to view a historical map, roughly dating from the beginning of the decade you click.

Standard maps and satellite maps from Google can be found by clicking on the “Map” and “Satellite” views to the right of the decades..

The “Asterix” symbol, just to the left of the word “Map” brings up maps of the same area which we could not categorise into decades.

You can also use the slider seen to the left of “1750”. Drag the slider to the right and it overlays a modern map over the top of the historical mapping. Drag it back left and the old map is back!

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