Hanger Hill

The Hanger Hill (Haymills) Estate Conservation Area (CA) is situated in the former historic County of Middlesex. The CA is within the ward of Hanger Hill in the London Borough of Ealing.

Hanger Hill (Haymills) Estate CA forms a neat semi-circle comprising four roads – Chatsworth Road, The Ridings, Ashbourne Road and Corringway. The four roads curve following a well defined circular shape with some obliquely directional roads cutting across. The layout relates well to the hillside site, giving extensive views from within the estate over the surrounding landscape.

Building works for the estate started in 1928 and continued until 1930. Much of the estate was completed  before the start of the Second World War in 1939.

Within the CA, it is possible to distinguish 2 “Areas of Character”: The Hanger Green around Park Royal underground station (Listed, Grade II), and the residential estate.

The CA, although the result of a planned estate mainly developed at the same time, offers a very diverse architectural character due to the combination of different house styles, designs and types. Within the CA are a number of statutorily and locally listed buildings that testify to its strong architectural and historic significance.

The CA has a mainly residential use with the only exception of small retail units around Park Royal station.

Houses on the estate are detached or semi-detached and sit on large plots. The hilly aspect of the site and the curving lines of the roads create a townscape of significant visual impact.

Trees and green hedges as well as open areas at the periphery of the CA, greatly contribute to the leafy, suburban character of the estate and to its open setting.

The mix of construction materials and design details reflects the wide range of house types and styles. Brick is the common building material, clad tiles are the common roofing material, joinery is a key element that distinguishes various house styles. Timber casements and metal ‘Crittall’ windows can both be found within the CA.

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