Cree Way, KT15

Road in/near Golders Green

(51.358874 -0.505874, 51.358 -0.505) 

Cree Way, KT15

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Cree Way is a location in London.

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Golders Green

Golders Green was a rural hamlet at the crossroads of Finchley Road and North End Road until the arrival of the tube in 1907.

Golders Green station was opened by the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead Railway (CCE&HR, now part of the Northern Line) on 22 June 1907. It was one of the railway's two northern terminals (the other being at Archway) and was also the site of the railway's depot.

Before World War I plans were made to extend the CCE&HR north from Golders Green to Hendon and Edgware to open up new areas of the Middlesex countryside to development and to create a source of new passengers. The war postponed the construction of the extension and work did not begin until 12 June 1922. The first section of the extension, as far as Hendon Central opened on 19 November 1923.


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