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Tower Hill is a street and square, northwest of the Tower of London.

It is in one of the oldest parts of London hosting a Bronze Age hill settlement and later a Roman village which was burnt down during the Boudica uprising.

Great Tower Hill was an extra-parochial administrative area within the Tower Liberty, under the direct control of the Tower of London and outside the jurisdiction of the City of London.

For centuries, Tower Hill hosted public executions. A large fragment of the London Wall survives toward its east.

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Tower Hill

Tower Hill is an elevated spot outside the Tower of London and just outside the limits of the City of London.

Formerly Tower Hill was part of the Tower Liberty under the direct administrative control of Tower. Part of one of the oldest parts of London, archaeological evidence shows that there was a settlement on the hill in the Bronze Age and much later a Roman village that was burnt down during the Boudica uprising.

A nearby church, All Hallows-by-the-Tower, is known for fragments of Romanesque architecture dating back to AD 680.

Public executions of high-profile traitors and criminals were often carried out on Tower Hill.

Tower of London tube station opened in 1882 during the construction of the Metropolitan Railway to the north. A new station was opened in 1884 with the name Mark Lane (later renamed Tower Hill), just to the west of the Tower of London station, which closed the same day.

When the original Tower Hill station was itself closed in 1967, the current Tower Hill station was opened on the site of the Tower of London station. The remains of the old station were demolished by the construction of the new station.
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