Rail station, existing between 1863 and now

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Rail station · Cubitt Town · E14 ·

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Alexia Square, E14 Alexia Square is a road in the E14 postcode area
Baltimore Wharf, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
East Ferry Road, E14 East Ferry Road was a main access road for the Isle of Dogs dockland.
Floor 9 Lanark Square, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Oakland Quay, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Westward Parade, E14 A street within the E14 postcode

Cubitt Town

This section of Poplar was developed as part of the Port of London in 1840s and 1850s by William Cubitt, Lord Mayor of London (1860–1862).

Cubitt Town lies on the eastern side of the Isle of Dogs. William Cubitt was responsible for the early housing which accommodated the growing population of dockworkers and shipbuilders.

Along with the housing, Cubitt also created many local businesses.

Bangladeshi and East Asian immigrant populations became established after the 1950s.

During the 1960s and 1970s, high-rise estates began to be built and during the 1990s and afterwards, the Canary Wharf complex attracted a different mix of people.

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