Agricultural Estate in/near Fortune Green, existed between 1626 and 1883.

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Agricultural Estate · * · ·
Flitcroft was a 50 acre estate at Fortune Green and West End, named after its owner in the 18th century.

At the core of Flitcroft was 28 acres of land left by Rachel Farby in 1626 to a certain William Clark. In 1756, it was bought by an agent for the architect Henry Flitcroft (or Fleetcroft).

Flitcroft farmhouse lay just north of West End Green but the estate was effectively managed by Flitcroft from his house at Frognal Grove, Hampstead.

By 1866, the estate has passed to Mary Ann Porter. The 20 acres north of Fortune Green was sold to the parish for a cemetery in 1874.

The rest of the estate was given over to the builders in the 1880s. Although the name Parsifal Road was approved in 1883, no houses went up there until the 1890s but Hackney or New College, a brick building with majolica dressings designed by W. P. Manning, was built at the eastern end in 1887.

The National Standard Land Mortgage and Investment Co. constructed Ingham and Burrard roads between Fortune Green Road and Finchley Road in 1885 and 64 small terraced houses were constructed there between 1886 and 1892 by Rathbone, Gray, Pulling, Brown, and other builders, while much of the frontage on Fortune Green Road and Finchley Road was covered with houses and shops.

A Congregational church was built at the junction of Burrard Road and Finchley Roads in 1894. Between 1890 and 1897, about 13 larger detached or semi-detached houses were built in Parsifal Road.

A land company was probably also involved in building lower middle-class terraces on the rest of the Flitcroft estate south of the cemetery and west of Fortune Green, where fear of the cemetery outweighed the advantage of adjacent open space.

W. H. Suttle, of Agamemnon Road, was the main builder of 155 houses in Agamemnon, Ajax, Ulysses, and Achilles Roads between 1886 and 1896.

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Jean Deane   
Added: 2 Oct 2023 16:43 GMT   

Advertisement for a laundry in Mill Lane, Brixton Hill, SW2 from early 1900’s
The New Imperial Laundry

Source: From a Ladies glance guide for Mistress and Maid



Lived here
Mike Dowling   
Added: 15 Jun 2024 15:51 GMT   

Family ties (1936 - 1963)
The Dowling family lived at number 13 Undercliffe Road for
Nearly 26 years. Next door was the Harris family

Evie Helen   
Added: 13 Jun 2024 00:03 GMT   

Vickers Road
The road ’Vickers Road’ is numbered rather differently to other roads in the area as it was originally built as housing for the "Vickers" arms factory in the late 1800’s and early 1900s. Most of the houses still retain the original 19th century tiling and drainage outside of the front doors.


Paul Harris    
Added: 12 Jun 2024 12:54 GMT   

Ellen Place, E1
My mother’s father and his family lived at 31 Ellen Place London E1 have a copy of the 1911 census showing this

Added: 10 Jun 2024 19:31 GMT   

Toll gate Close
Did anyone live at Toll Gate Close, which was built in the area where the baths had been?


Charles Black   
Added: 24 May 2024 12:54 GMT   

Middle Row, W10
Middle Row was notable for its bus garage, home of the number 7.

Added: 2 May 2024 16:14 GMT   

Farm Place, W8
The previous name of Farm Place was Ernest St (no A)

Tony Whipple   
Added: 16 Apr 2024 21:35 GMT   

Frank Whipple Place, E14
Frank was my great-uncle, I’d often be ’babysat’ by Peggy while Nan and Dad went to the pub. Peggy was a marvel, so full of life. My Dad and Frank didn’t agree on most politics but everyone in the family is proud of him. A genuinely nice, knowledgable bloke. One of a kind.

Theresa Penney   
Added: 16 Apr 2024 18:08 GMT   

1 Whites Row
My 2 x great grandparents and his family lived here according to the 1841 census. They were Dutch Ashkenazi Jews born in Amsterdam at the beginning of the 19th century but all their children were born in Spitalfields.


Avenue Farm Cowhouse Farm was linked to Hodford Farm in Golders Green for a long period.
Avenue Farm
Beckford’s Estate Beckfords, belonging to the family of the same name, consisted of 15 acres north of Mill Lane and west of Fortune Green Lane.
Beckford’s Estate
Cedars A local West Hampstead builder, Thomas Potter, constructed Cedars in 1878.
Cholmley Lodge Cholmley Lodge, a two storeyed stuccoed house, was built in 1813.
Cholmley Lodge
Cock and Hoop The Cock and Hoop Inn was standing on the corner of West End Lane and Fortune Green Road by 1723.
Cock and Hoop
Flitcroft Flitcroft was a 50 acre estate at Fortune Green and West End, named after its owner in the 18th century.
Fortune Green Fortune Green was originally part of the district of Hampstead but became physically separated from it by the building of the new turnpike road (now Finchley Road) in the 1830s.
Fortune Green
Fortune Green Fortune Green lies to the north of the ancient village of West End.
Fortune Green
Hackney College The Village Itinerancy Society, a Congregationalist college, was transformed into Hackney Theological Seminary.
Hackney College
Hillfield By 1644 Hillfield was already mentioned in parish records.
Mill Lane, looking east (1900s) Mill Lane is one of the major thoroughfares of West Hampstead.
Mill Lane, looking east (1900s)
National School A National School was established in West End during 1844.
National School
New West End New West End was created in the 1840s on the Finchley Road.
New West End
Potter’s Iron Foundry In the nineteenth century, many West Hampstead people had jobs in Potter’s Iron Foundry.
Potter’s Iron Foundry
The Black Lion The Old Black Lion was established in 1751 as a beer house.
The Black Lion
Thorplands Thorplands was an estate south of Mill Lane.
West End Green West End Green is situated on a corner of West End Lane, formerly the location of West End Fair.
West End Green
Woodbine Cottage Woodbine Cottage was situated at the south-eastern corner of the Flitcroft estate.
Woodbine Cottage

, NW3 Kidderpore Gardens is a street in Hampstead (Hampstead)
, NW3
Achilles Road, NW6 Achilles Road is a road in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Achilles Road, NW6
Agamemnon Road, NW6 Agamemnon Road runs from Ajax Road to Hillfield Road (Fortune Green)
Agamemnon Road, NW6
Ajax Road, NW6 Ajax Road was first developed in 1886 (Fortune Green)
Ajax Road, NW6
Aldred Road, NW6 Aldred Road was named after Aldred, Archbishop of York (Fortune Green)
Aldred Road, NW6
Alfred Court, NW6 Alfred Court can be found on Fortune Green Road (Fortune Green)
Alfred Court, NW6
Ardwick Road, NW2 Ardwick Road was named Major Ardwick Burgess who developed the road (Temple Park)
Ardwick Road, NW2
Avenue Mansions, NW3 Avenue Mansions is a street in Hampstead (Fortune Green)
Avenue Mansions, NW3
Ballantrae House, NW2 Ballantrae House can be found on Lyndale (Temple Park)
Ballantrae House, NW2
Berridge Mews, NW6 Berridge Mews is in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Berridge Mews, NW6
Boyd House, NW3 Boyd House is located on Kidderpore Avenue (Hampstead)
Boyd House, NW3
Bracknell Way, NW3 Bracknell Way is a road in the NW3 postcode area (Hampstead)
Bracknell Way, NW3
Buckingham Mansions, NW6 Buckingham Mansions is a residential block in Fortune Green, NW6 (West Hampstead)
Buckingham Mansions, NW6
Burgess Hill, NW2 Burgess Hill runs off of Finchley Road (Temple Park)
Burgess Hill, NW2
Burrard Road, NW6 Burrard Road runs north from Fortune Green Road (Fortune Green)
Burrard Road, NW6
Cannon Hill, NW6 Cannon Hill is a road in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Cannon Hill, NW6
Carlton Mews, NW6 Street/road in London NW6 (West Hampstead)
Carlton Mews, NW6
Caulfield House, NW3 Caulfield House is a block on Kidderpore Avenue (Hampstead)
Caulfield House, NW3
Cavendish Mansions, NW6 Cavendish Mansions lie along Mill Lane (West Hampstead)
Cavendish Mansions, NW6
Cholmley Gardens, NW6 Cholmley Gardens is an unofficial road off of Mill Lane, Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Cholmley Gardens, NW6
Clark House, NW3 Clark House is a block on Finchley Road (Hampstead)
Clark House, NW3
Croft Way, NW3 Croft Way is a street in Hampstead (Hampstead)
Croft Way, NW3
Croftway, NW3 Croftway is a street in Hampstead (Hampstead)
Croftway, NW3
Durisdeer House, NW2 Durisdeer House is a block on Lyndale (Temple Park)
Durisdeer House, NW2
Ferncroft Avenue, NW3 Ferncroft Avenue is a street in Hampstead (Hampstead)
Ferncroft Avenue, NW3
Fortune Green Road, NW6 Fortune Green Road is the main road running through Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Fortune Green Road, NW6
Gentler House, NW3 Gentler House is a block on Finchley Road (Hampstead)
Gentler House, NW3
Gondar Gardens, NW6 Gondar Gardens is the westernmost street in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Gondar Gardens, NW6
Harvard Court, NW6 Street/road in London NW6 (West Hampstead)
Harvard Court, NW6
Heartfield House, NW3 Heartfield House is a block on Finchley Road (Hampstead)
Heartfield House, NW3
Heath Drive, NW3 Heath Drive, one of the roads connecting Hampstead with the Finchley Road was originally West Hampstead Avenue (Hampstead)
Heath Drive, NW3
Hillfield Road, NW6 Hillfield Road is named for an old West Hampstead agricultural estate (Fortune Green)
Hillfield Road, NW6
Hocroft Road, NW2 Hocroft Road is a street in Cricklewood (Temple Park)
Hocroft Road, NW2
Holmdale Road, NW6 Holmdale Road runs from Mill Lane to Dennington Park Road in West Hampstead (West Hampstead)
Holmdale Road, NW6
Honeybourne Road, NW6 Honeybourne Road runs between West End Lane and Fawley Road (West Hampstead)
Honeybourne Road, NW6
Ingham Road, NW6 Ingham Road is a street in Hampstead (Fortune Green)
Ingham Road, NW6
Joan Court, NW6 Joan Court is a block on Fortune Green Road (Fortune Green)
Joan Court, NW6
Kidderpore Avenue, NW3 Kidderpore Avenue is a street in Hampstead (Hampstead)
Kidderpore Avenue, NW3
Lyncroft Gardens, NW6 Lyncroft Gardens is a street in Fortune Green, NW6 (Hampstead)
Lyncroft Gardens, NW6
Lyndale, NW2 Lyndale is just south of Hendon Way (Temple Park)
Lyndale, NW2
Mackellar House, NW2 Mackellar House is sited on Burgess Hill (Temple Park)
Mackellar House, NW2
Marlborough Mansions, NW6 Marlborough Mansions is a residential block in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Marlborough Mansions, NW6
Menelik Road, NW2 Menelik Road runs from Westbere Road to Minster Road (Cricklewood)
Menelik Road, NW2
Mill Lane, NW6 Mill Lane forms the boundary between Fortune Green and West Hampstead (West Hampstead)
Mill Lane, NW6
Mondrian House, NW3 Mondrian House is a block on Platt’s Lane (Hampstead)
Mondrian House, NW3
Nicholson House, NW3 Nicholson House is a block on Finchley Road (Hampstead)
Nicholson House, NW3
Norman Terrace, NW6 Norman Terrace is a street in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Norman Terrace, NW6
Orestes Mews, NW6 Orestes Mews is a small cul-de-sac in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Orestes Mews, NW6
Osprey Court, NW6 Osprey Court lies on the Finchley Road (Hampstead)
Osprey Court, NW6
Parsifal Road, NW6 Parsifal Road runs from Finchley Road to Fortune Green Road (Fortune Green)
Parsifal Road, NW6
Penrose Gardens, NW3 Penrose Gardens is a location in London (Hampstead)
Penrose Gardens, NW3
PO Box 4, NW3 Fortune Green Road is a street in Hampstead (Hampstead)
PO Box 4, NW3
Potter’s Buildings, NW6 Potter’s Buildings or West Cottages were established by Thomas Potter for his workers (West Hampstead)
Potter’s Buildings, NW6
Rackham House, NW3 Rackham House is a block on Kidderpore Avenue (Hampstead)
Rackham House, NW3
Ranulf Road, NW2 Ranulf Road is a street in Cricklewood (Temple Park)
Ranulf Road, NW2
Ranulph Road, NW2 Ranulph Road is a location in London (Temple Park)
Ranulph Road, NW2
Rose Joan Mews, NW6 Rose Joan Mews is a small cul-de-sac in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Rose Joan Mews, NW6
Salmon Mews, NW6 Street/road in London NW6 (West Hampstead)
Salmon Mews, NW6
Sarre Road, NW2 Sarre Road is a street in Cricklewood (Cricklewood)
Sarre Road, NW2
Studholme Court, NW3 Studholme Court is a street in Hampstead (Hampstead)
Studholme Court, NW3
The Mansions, NW6 The Mansions is a residential block on the north side of Mill Lane (West Hampstead)
The Mansions, NW6
The Octagon 527a, NW3 The Octagon 527a is a location in London (Fortune Green)
The Octagon 527a, NW3
Ulysses Road, NW6 Ulysses Road is one of a series of streets named after the Trojan War (Fortune Green)
Ulysses Road, NW6
Weech Road, NW6 Weech Road is a street in Fortune Green, NW6 (Fortune Green)
Weech Road, NW6
Welbeck Mansions, NW6 Welbeck Mansions, flats notable for their ironwork balconies, were built north of Inglewood Road in 1897 (West Hampstead)
Welbeck Mansions, NW6
Westbere Road, NW2 Westbere Road has been the location for a series of notable schools over the years (Cricklewood)
Westbere Road, NW2

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