Buses in Shenley Road

Image dated 1965

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Buses in Shenley Road

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Photo taken in an easterly direction · * · WD6 ·

A 292 and 358 in Shenley Road.

Facebook user Maureen Sullivan has worked out the following from the clues in the photo:

This photo was probably taken in August 1968 (the advertised film was released in July that year).

The green Route 358 in the background is the 12.53 departure from St Albans, running about 5 minutes late according to the clock on All Saints Church tower.

The 292 is for some reason displaying the Saturday only intermediate blind for Route 292A.

Buildings on the right are still being finished off, on the site of the old Baptist Church, once home to the 1st Borehamwood Scouts.

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105 Shenley Road, WD6 105 Shenley Road lies along the main street of Borehamwood.
27A Theobald Street 27a Theobald Street was once Boreham Wood’s first purpose-built school.
66 Shenley Road, WD6 66 Shenley Road used to lie on the corner of Furzehill Road.
68 Shenley Road, WD6 68 Shenley Road was a shop on the corner of Furzehill Road - now disappeared.
ABPC Elstree Studios British National Pictures Ltd purchased 50 acres of land on the south side of Shenley Road and began construction of two large film stages in 1925. The first film produced there was Madame Pompadour in 1927.
Allum Hall Allum Hall was a community centre and lately a venue.
Boreham Wood Baptist Church The Baptist Church, situated on the corner of Furzehill Road, opened on 14 July 1911.
Boreham Wood Engine Works The Boreham Wood Engine Works and Loco Packing Company was situated in Drayton Road.
Buses in Shenley Road A 292 and 358 in Shenley Road.
Elstree and Borehamwood Elstree (and Borehamwood) station, constructed in 1868, has undergone a series of name changes.
Fox and Clark’ Furniture Shop (1905) Added photo for 73 Shenley Road, WD6
Neptune House Neptune House, built as part of the ATV studios, is now part of the BBC studios.
Shenley Road (1930s) Shenley Road, Borehamwood in the 1930s
Shenley Road water tank Shenley Road tank was a fire prevention feature of Boreham Wood.
The Myriad Stores Added photo for 49 Shenley Road, WD6
Theobald Street, looking north This image probably dates from the 1950s.

Albert Square, WD6 Albert Square is the fictional location of the BBC soap opera EastEnders.
Almond Way, WD6 Almond Way is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Audley Close, WD6 Audley Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Boreham Holt, WD6 Boreham Holt is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Brickfield Cottages, WD6 Brickfield Cottages lie between Theobald Street and the railway.
Brownlow Road, WD6 Brownlow Road was built together with Drayton Road.
Cardinal Avenue, WD6 Cardinal Avenue leads south off of Shenley Road.
Chatsworth Close, WD6 Chatsworth Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Clarendon Road, WD6 Clarendon Road runs north from Shenley Road.
Deacons Hill Road, WD6 Deacons Hill Road is a road connecting Barnet Lane and Allum Lane.
Drayton Road, WD6 Drayton Road is one of the older streets in Borehamwood.
Dunnock Close, WD6 Dunnock Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Essex Road, WD6 Essex Road was created just prior to the first world war.
Fairway Avenue, WD6 Fairway Avenue links Brook Road and Eldon Avenue.
Furzehill Road, WD6 Furzehill Road runs from Shenley Road to Barnet Lane.
Gables Avenue, WD6 Gables Avenue is a road in the WD6 postcode area
George Street, WD6 George Street is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Glenhaven Avenue, WD6 Glenhaven Avenue is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Goldfinch Way, WD6 This is a street in the WD6 postcode area
Goodwood Path, WD6 This is a street in the WD6 postcode area
Grosvenor Road, WD6 Grosvenor Road is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Haddon Close, WD6 Haddon Close was one of a series of roads off Stratfield Road named after country estates.
Hillside Avenue, WD6 Hillside Avenue was a pre-war road laid out from 1937 onwards.
Hollywood Court, WD6 Hollywood Court was built in 1935.
Holt Close, WD6 Holt Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Keystone Passage, WD6 Keystone Passage commemorates the Keystone factory.
Lexington Close, WD6 Lexington Close is a cul-de-sac that didn’t last.
Malden Road, WD6 Malden Road is parallel to Essex Road.
Markham Close, WD6 Markham Close was created out of the sale and subsequent demolition of Theobald Street houses.
Mildred Avenue, WD6 Mildred Avenue is a curious road, being in two halves.
Oakwood Avenue, WD6 Oakwood Avenue is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Park Crescent, WD6 Park Crescent is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Shenley Road, WD6 Shenley Road is the main street running through Borehamwood.
Siskin Close, WD6 Siskin Close was built on the site of the Boreham Wood Engine Works.
Station Road, WD6 Station Road was laid out shortly after the railway was built to connect new industry built alongside the railway with the centre of the village.
Stratfield Road, WD6 Stratfield Road was built over the land of Tilehouse Farm in the late 1960s.
Sutton Path, WD6 This is a street in the WD6 postcode area
Theobald Street, WD6 Theobald Street runs from the centre of Borehamwood to the centre of Radlett.
Tilehouse Close, WD6 Tilehouse Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Turpin Road, E20 A street within the KT17 postcode
Welbeck Close, WD6 Welbeck Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Whitehall Close, WD6 Whitehall Close was named for the Whitehall Studios which formerly stood on the site.
Whitehouse Avenue, WD6 Whitehouse Avenue was originally to be called Cornwall Avenue.


Borehamwood is a town of approximately 30 000 residents in southern Hertfordshire, just outside London, and part of the London commuter belt.

Borehamwood, more commonly called Boreham Wood before the LCC estate was built, is part of the borough of Hertsmere. The town is often associated with the nearby village Elstree (being part of the ancient parish of Elstree), the two still share a local council, now called the Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council.

The A1 passes just to the east of the town, and the M25 passes about two miles north of it.

Since the 1920s, the town has been the location of several film studios. The former British National Studios on Clarendon Road are now the BBC’s Elstree Television Studios. One of BBC’s popular soaps, EastEnders, is produced at the BBC studios, as well as popular medical drama Holby City. ’Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, ’Big Brother’ and major feature films are filmed at the Elstree Studios in Shenley Road.

Neptune Studios
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ABPC Elstree Studios
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Whitehall Studios
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Buses in Shenley Road
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Clarendon Road, WD6
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Shenley Road, WD6
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35 Shenley Road, WD6
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199 Shenley Road, WD6
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49 Shenley Road, WD6
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