Blandel Bridge

in/near Sloane Square, existing until the 1830s

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The bridge over the Westbourne at Sloane Square was called Blandel Bridge and was later renamed Grosvenor Bridge.

In the 18th Century, Sloane Square looked much the same as it does today, except that the square was an open green space enclosed by wooden posts, connected by iron chains. It was here that Queen Charlotte’s Royal Volunteers often assembled, and marched off in military order to Hyde Park, headed by their band.

On the eastern side of the square, the same side as the Royal Court Theatre, stood Blandel Bridge, which crossed the Westbourne River, one of the old rivers of London. It was about twelve or fourteen feet wide, and had walls on either side high enough to protect passengers from falling into the river.

It was nicknamed “Bloody Bridge” going back as 1590 so named allegedly following the murder of Lord Harrington’s cook who was attacked and beaten to death by highwaymen. Bloody Bridge once comprised of a footbridge with a plank before a more substantial bridge, 16 feet wide and lined by high walls, was built in the reign of Charles ll.

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Sloane Square

Sloane Square station was opened on 24 December 1868 by the Metropolitan District Railway when the company opened the first section of its line.

The construction of the station was complicated by the crossing of the site by the River Westbourne which ran through Hyde Park as the Serpentine Lake, and was originally crossed by the Knight's Bridge at Knightsbridge. The river was carried above the platform in a large iron pipe suspended from girders. It remains in place today

Meanwhile, Sloane Square itself lies at the east end of the trendy King's Road and at the south end of Sloane Street.
In the early 1980s, it lent its name to the Sloane Rangers, the young underemployed and ostentatiously well-off members of the upper classes. Lady Diana Spencer, before she become Princess of Wales was considered the epitome of a Sloane Ranger.

The Square has two notable buildings: Peter Jones department store and the Royal Court Theatre.
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