Crouch Hill

Rail station, existing between 1868 and now

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Crouch Hill

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Crouch Hill is a railway station as well as a street in north London.

The area of Crouch Hill was still mostly farmland until Crouch Hill station opened in July 1868.

After the railway arrived, housebuilding started in earnest. Each of the road called Crouch Hill, John Farrer built Cecile Park in the 1880s and 1890s. To the west, W.J. Collins was at work at the same time.

Between the two world wars, Crouch Hill saw council housing appears. In 1972, the Holly Park estate’s 17-storey Ilex House was completed.

Crouch Hill crosses over the Parkland Walk, a public foot and cycle path and linear park that stretches from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace, and follows some of the course of the Northern Heights planned rail extension to the Northern line, abandoned on 9 February 1954.

Since January 2010, trains from Crouch Hill run every 15 minutes in each direction, towards either Gospel Oak or Barking throughout the day.

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#Crouch Hill station entrance (2008). During summer 2008, Crouch Hill station had become part of the Overground. Many such stations received a temporary sign to reflect the new situation.
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Janet Creed (nee Burke)   
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Campbell road
My father was William Burke, 74 Campbell road n4 my mother was May wright of Campbell road, I was born on 13.02.1953, we stayed with my grandparents in Campbell Road, William and Maggie Wright.

Born here
Vanessa Whitehouse   
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Born here
My dad 1929 John George Hall


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Found a bug
Hi all! Thank you for your excellent site. I found an overlay bug on the junction of Glengall Road, NW6 and Hazelmere Road, NW6 on the 1950 map only. It appears when one zooms in at this junction and only on the zoom.

Geoff Raleigh

Source: Glengall Road, NW6

Jessie Doring   
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Tisbury Court Jazz Bar
Jazz Bar opened in Tisbury Court by 2 Australians. Situated in underground basement. Can not remember how long it opened for.


Christine Clark   
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Number 44 (1947 - 1967)
The Clark’s moved here from Dorking my father worked on the Thames as a captain of shell mex tankers,there were three children, CHristine, Barbara and Frank, my mother was Ida and my father Frank.Our house no 44 and 42 were pulled down and we were relocated to Bromley The rest of our family lived close by in Milton Court Rd, Brocklehurat Street, Chubworthy street so one big happy family..lovely days.


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Pereira Street, E1
My grandfather Charles Suett lived in Periera Street & married a widowed neighbour there. They later moved to 33 Bullen House, Collingwood Street where my father was born.

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Birth place
Violet Trefusis, writer, cosmopolitan intellectual and patron of the Arts was born at 2 Wilton Crescent SW1X.



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Giraud Street
I lived in Giraud St in 1938/1939. I lived with my Mother May Lillian Allen & my brother James Allen (Known as Lenny) My name is Tom Allen and was evacuated to Surrey from Giraud St. I am now 90 years of age.


Justin Russ   
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Binney Street, W1K
Binney St was previously named Thomas Street before the 1950’s. Before the 1840’s (approx.) it was named Bird St both above and below Oxford St.


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Campbellite Meeting
In 1848 the Campbellites (Disciples of Christ) met in Elstree Street, where their congregation was presided over by a pastor named John Black. Their appointed evangelist at the time was called David King, who later became the Editor of the British Millennial Harbinger. The meeting room was visited in July 1848 by Dr John Thomas, who spoke there twice on his two-year ’mission’ to Britain.

Crouch Hill Crouch Hill is a railway station as well as a street in north London.
Holly Park Methodist Church The Holly Park Methodist Church was founded in 1881 by the Rev. Morley Punshon and Sir Francis Lycett.

Brambledown Mansions, N4 Brambledown Mansions is a location in London.
Brambledown, N4 Brambledown is a location in London.
Crouch Hill, N4 Crouch Hill runs between Crouch End and Stroud Green straddling the boroughs of Haringey and Islington.
Heathville Road, N19 Heathville Road is a road in the N19 postcode area
Highlands Close, N4 Highlands Close is one of the streets of London in the N4 postal area.
Holly Park Estate, N4 Holly Park Estate is an estate in Crouch End.
Ilex House, N4 Residential block
Japan Crescent, N4 Japan Crescent is one of the streets of London in the N4 postal area.
Pamlion Court, N4 Pamlion Court is a location in London.
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Macdonald Road, N19
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Zoffany Street, N19
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Playford Road (1950)
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Playford Road (1950)
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