Warner Close, NW9

Road in/near West Hendon, existing between the 1960s and now.

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Warner Close was part of the West Hendon Estate.

The West Hendon Estate was completed in the late 1960s and consisted of 597 properties.

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None so far :(

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Whitechapel (1980 - 1981)
Diana Lee-Gobbitt - Artist rented a room at No 1 Berner Street, Whitechapel, opposite Church Passage (Ripper territory) for one year, rent approx 3 pounds pw. Worked as Receptionist for n Indian import/export company in the Watney Markets. Owner of No 1 Berner Street was Sammy Ferrugia, Maltese Taxi company owner. The artist was shown the gambling den in Dutfield’s Yard behind the terrace houses. It was common local knowledge prostitution was high end income for those in the East End during the 1950s.


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Haycroft Gardens, NW10
My Grandfather bought No 45 Buchanan Gdns in I believe 1902 and died ther in the early 1950s

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Haycroft Gardens, NW10
I lived in No 7 from 1933 to 1938


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Grandparents 1937 lived 37 Blandford Square
Y mother and all her sisters and brother lived there, before this date , my parent wedding photographers were take in the square, I use to visit with my mother I remember the barge ballon in the square in the war.

Born here
Roy Mathieson   
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St Saviours
My great grandmother was born in Bowling Green Lane in 1848. The family moved from there to Earl Terrace, Bermondsey in 1849. I have never been able to locate Earl Terrace on maps.


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Buckhurst Street, E1
Mt grandfather, Thomas Walton Ward had a musical instrument workshop in Buckhurst Street from 1934 until the street was bombed during the war. Grandfather was a partner in the musical instrument firm of R.J. Ward and Sons of Liverpool. He died in 1945 and is buried in a common grave at Abney Park Cemetery.

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Family ties (1936 - 1963)
The Dowling family lived at number 13 Undercliffe Road for
Nearly 26 years. Next door was the Harris family

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Vickers Road
The road ’Vickers Road’ is numbered rather differently to other roads in the area as it was originally built as housing for the "Vickers" arms factory in the late 1800’s and early 1900s. Most of the houses still retain the original 19th century tiling and drainage outside of the front doors.


Gutters Hedge Farm Gutters Hedge Farm was also known as Park Hill Farm.
Silk Stream Silk Stream is just over 4 kilometres long and lies entirely within the current London Borough of Barnet.
St John, Hendon St John is a church built by Temple Moore (1856–1920) was an English architect who was born in Tullamore, Ireland.

Algernon Road, NW4 Algernon Road was built on the Hendon side of the Midland Railway tracks during the last decade of the nineteenth century (Hendon)
Audley Road, NW4 Audley Road was built along the line of a former footpath (Hendon)
Bertram Road, NW4 Bertram Road is one of a grid of pre-First World War streets (Hendon)
Brent View Road, NW4 Brent View Road is a terrace overlooking the Midland Main Line in West Hendon (West Hendon)
Cool Oak Lane, NW9 Cool Oak Lane connects West Hendon with Kingsbury (West Hendon)
Dallas Road, NW4 Dallas Road is a road running parallel to the Midland railway and M1 (Hendon)
Damsel Walk, NW9 Damsel Walk is a location in London (West Hendon)
Dartmouth Road, NW4 Dartmouth Road runs north-south across Vicarage Road (Hendon)
Dehar Crescent, NW9 Dehar Crescent is a road in the NW9 postcode area (West Hendon)
Esmar Crescent, NW9 Esmar Crescent is a road in the NW9 postcode area (West Hendon)
Gadsbury Close, NW9 Gadsbury Close is a street in Kingsbury (Kingsbury)
Garrick Road, NW9 Garrick Road is a street in Kingsbury (West Hendon)
Goldsmith Avenue, NW9 Goldsmith Avenue is a street in Kingsbury (Kingsbury)
Hazelmere Court, NW4 Hazelmere Court is sited on Station Road (Hendon)
Herbert Road, NW9 Herbert Road is now part of the West Hendon one way system (West Hendon)
Hollyview Close, NW4 Hollyview Close is a road in the NW4 postcode area (Hendon)
Ingledene Close, NW4 Ingledene Close is a location in London (Hendon)
Irving Way, NW9 Irving Way is a street in Kingsbury (West Hendon)
M1 motorway, NW4 The southernmost section of the M1 was built in 1977 (West Hendon)
Malcolm Court, NW4 Malcolm Court is a block on Malcolm Crescent (Hendon)
Malcolm Crescent, NW4 Malcolm Crescent is a road in the NW4 postcode area (Hendon)
Marriotts Close, NW9 Marriotts Close is a post-war development (West Hendon)
Marsh Drive, NW9 Marsh Drive is a street in Kingsbury (West Hendon)
Milton Road, NW9 Milton Road was the site of the first church in West Hendon (West Hendon)
Montagu Road, NW4 Montagu Road is a street in Hendon (Hendon)
Moorhen Drive, NW9 Moorhen Drive is a location in London (West Hendon)
Mount Road, NW4 Mount Road is a street in Hendon (Hendon)
Park Road, NW4 Park Road was formerly called Gutterhedge Lane (Hendon)
Perryfield Way, NW9 Perryfield Way is a location in London (West Hendon)
Pheasant Square, NW9 Pheasant Square is a location in London (West Hendon)
Pollard Road, NW9 Pollard Road was urbanised in the final decades of the nineteenth century (West Hendon)
Priestley Way, NW9 Priestley Way is a road in the NW9 postcode area (West Hendon)
Ramsay Road, NW9 Ramsay Road was the northernmost of a series of disappeared streets in West Hendon (West Hendon)
Ramsey Close, NW9 Ramsey Close consists of two storey semi-detached houses built in the 1980s (West Hendon)
Riverside, NW4 Riverside is a road in the NW4 postcode area (Hendon)
Russell Road, NW9 Russell Road is a street in Kingsbury (West Hendon)
Seelig Avenue, NW9 Seelig Avenue is a road in the NW9 postcode area (West Hendon)
Shearwater Drive, NW9 Shearwater Drive is a road in the NW9 postcode area (West Hendon)
Silk Bridge Retail Park, NW9 Silk Bridge Retail Park is a location in London (Kingsbury)
Sorrel Mead, NW9 Sorrel Mead is a location in London (West Hendon)
Station Road, NW9 Station Road was formerly called Burroughs Lane and led from the Burroughs to Edgware Road south of Silk Bridge (West Hendon)
Stuart Avenue, NW9 Stuart Avenue is a road in the NW9 postcode area (West Hendon)
Telford Road, NW9 Telford Road, now reduced to a stump, was a major part of the West Hendon Estate (West Hendon)
The Broadway, NW9 The Broadway is a street in Kingsbury (West Hendon)
Tyrrel Way, NW9 Tyrrel Way is a street in Kingsbury (West Hendon)
Verulam Court, NW9 Verulam Court is a street in Kingsbury (West Hendon)
Vicarage Road, NW4 Vicarage Road was laid out over a field of Renter’s Farm in the first decade of the twentieth century (Hendon)
Warner Close, NW9 Warner Close was part of the West Hendon Estate (West Hendon)
West Hendon Broadway, NW9 West Hendon Broadway is part of the Edgware Road (West Hendon)
Wilberforce Road, NW4 Wilberforce Road was one of a series of roads in the area built during the 1890s (Hendon)
Woolmead Avenue, NW9 Woolmead Avenue leads south from Cool Oak Lane (West Hendon)

Old Welsh Harp The Old Welsh Harp was a famous inn beside the Edgware Road.
Upper Welsh Harp The Upper Welsh Harp was a pub on West Hendon Broadway.

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