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’Woodcock’ is derived from the old English word ’Woodcot’ meaning a dweller at a cottage in or near a farm.

Woodcock Dell farm, Kenton (1901)
Woodcock Hill (Lane) is the road leading south from the crossroad of Kenton Lane and Kenton Road.

Before 1930, a footpath was an alternative route to using Woodcock Hill Lane. It reached the location of Woodcock Dell, and then across fields to Harrow on the Hill - now the route of The Ridgeway and Northwick Avenue.

Woodcock Dell with its pond, by the time it came to adjoin the Metropolitan Railway, was a pig farm. A small ’cattle creep’ went under the nearby railway line in the direction of what is now Windermere Avenue.

Woodcock Dell Farm was demolished in the 1930s to make way for a new residential estate built by Costin, and Comben and Wakeling.

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Woodcock Dell farm, Kenton (1901)
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