Bartholomew's 1908 map

(51.57 -0.22, 51.57 -0.22) 

Kilburn and Cricklewood on Bartholomew's 1908 map

Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas Of London & Suburbs was produced in 1908.

George Bartholomew (1784-1871) from Edinburgh started the world's foremost map dynasty by training as an engraver. His son John (senior) (1805-1861) became a map engraver. John (Junior) (1831-1893) earned a reputation for accurate and painstaking cartography, printing his own maps. The fourth generation under the inspired leadership of John George (1860-1920) produced a huge range of maps and atlases. John (1890-1962) introduced offset litho printing presses and devised innovative projections to show improved spatial relationships for air-age geography.

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