Beethoven Street, W10

Beethoven Street is a street in the Queen’s Park Estate.

The original streets of the Queen’s Park Estate were given names A Street, B Street, C street etc. up to P Street. They were eventually given real names but one of the distinguishing features of the Estate are these sequential streets.

The north-east corner of the Estate was acquired in 1874 by the United Land Company.

Four streets were eventually laid out - Beethoven, Mozart, Herries, and Lancefield Streets.

The terraced houses were tightly packed: a few, facing Kilburn Lane, were to be worth £500 and the rest £300. Less than half of the plots, towards the northern end, had been numbered by 1883 but Beethoven and Mozart Streets had been built up by 1886.

Both poor and comfortable households existed when surveyed in 1899 in Beethoven, Herries, and Lancefield Streets.

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