Colville Square, W11
Colville Square is a street in Notting Hill.

In the middle ages the Colville area was farmland, part of the manor of Notting Barns, passing through various landlords and by the 18th century was owned by the Talbot family.

In 1852, the family attempted to sell the farmland, now reduced in size by earlier sales to the Great Western Railway and the gas company. As the land was considered too remote for building speculators to be interested, there was only one buyer, Dr. Samuel Walker, a speculative builder behind part of the neighbouring Ladbroke estate.

The building of All Saints’ Church began in 1852 but very little other building work took place. In 1860 the builder, George Frederick John Tippett acquired much of the land. He was a prominent builder of the time and combined the roles of landlord, developer and builder.

The development of his estate took place between 1860 and 1875. Three parts, one each in Colville Square, Colville Gardens and Powis Square, backed on to shallow communal gardens, in an attempt to echo another earlier Tippet development in Paddington.

The whole estate had a uniform appearance, contrasting with the more varied developments appearing in the surrounding streets.

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