Brent station
Brent station
This photograph, from the collection of the London Transport museum, shows the future site of Brent Cross station on the Edgware branch of the Northern line

The Edgware extension utilised unused plans dating back to 1901 for the Edgware and Hampstead Railway (E&HR) which the UERL had taken over in 1912. It extended the CCE&HR line from its terminus at Golders Green to Edgware in two stages - to Hendon Central in 1923 and to Edgware in 1924.

The line crossed undeveloped open countryside and, apart from a short tunnel north of Hendon Central station, was on the surface.

Five new stations were constructed to pavilion-style designs by Stanley Heaps, stimulating the rapid northward expansion of suburban developments in the following years.

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