Sheringham Road, N7
Sheringham Road was once called Hagbush Lane.

Sheringham Road was variously called Adam and Eve Lane, Hagbush Road and Westbourne Road East.

Previously a rural lane which bent to the north to follow the line of today’s Lough Road, the Adam and Eve pub was on the corner of the lane and Liverpool Road. There is a local tradition that ’Dick Turpin’ the highwayman used to frequent the back lanes practising "on coaches and chaises at Holloway and in the back lanes of Islington".

It was Hagbush Lane in 1735 and Adam & Eve Lane by 1841. The name Westbourne Road East was introduced in 1860. Westbourne Road East in 1871 contained Sheringham Terrace, Hides Terrace and Wellington Terrace. After 1897 it was Sheringham Road. Sheringham is four miles north west of Cromer, Norfolk.

An Islington People’s Plaque to Mary Tealby was unveiled at Freightliners Farm in the road in October 2015. Tealby was the founder of ’The Home for Lost & Starving Dogs’ which later became Battersea Cats & Dogs Home.

The Dogs’ Home was located in stables behind 15-16 Hollingsworth Street and open in 1860. The site is now occupied by Freightliners Farm and Paradise Park.

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