Admiral Mews, W10
Admiral Mews is a small road off Barlby Road, W10.

Admiral Mews, though formally labelled as a street in the 1880s, (and at first called ’Admiral Place’) existed for longer than this.

It was the site for cowsheds just before the area was urbanised - these are marked on the 1870 map of the area. Drovers bringing their cattle to the London markets would house them in these sheds for the night. The drovers found shelter and refreshment in the neighbouring tavern - "The Admiral Blake". Neither the sheds nor the mews were marked upon contemporary maps until the 1880s.

Admiral Blake was a Cromwellian admiral who defeated the Royalist navy during the Civil War, and captured a Spanish treasure-fleet in 1656.

Since the redevelopment of the "Cowshed" area, the status of the mews has been downgraded and often does not take a name.

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