Warlingham is a village in the Tandridge district of Surrey.

The village lay within the Anglo-Saxon administrative division of Tandridge hundred.

Warlingham Manor was assigned by William de Watevile in 1144 to Bermondsey Priory, which held it until the dissolution of the monasteries, subject to certain retained rights to the de Watevile, later de Godstone family.

Immediately after, in 1544, Sir John Gresham, who had made large loans to the state, was granted the whole estate. Later the manor descended to Rev. Atwood Wigsell of Sanderstead Court in the 18th century and remained in that family until at least 1911.

A notable Warlingham resident of the Victorian period was Sir Joseph Swan, inventor of the incandescent light bulb.

Warlingham gave its name to the large psychiatric hospital that was opened on the borders of Warlingham and Chelsham in 1903. Originally called the Croydon Mental Hospital the institution was renamed Warlingham Park Hospital in the 1930s. The buildings, apart from the water tower, were demolished and the site redeveloped as a private housing estate called ’Greatpark’ in the early years of the 21st century.

Lead singer of The Clash, Joe Strummer moved to Warlingham after his diplomat father and family returned to the UK. Reggae singer and instrumentalist Smiley Culture also lived in Warlingham.

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