Walnut Tree Walk
Walnut Tree Walk was a pathway on the line of the modern Redcliffe Gardens.

There was an area here of 93 acres which in 1800 were almost entirely unbuilt upon. Walnut Tree Walk was a footpath across the land allowing access between Old Brompton Road and Fulham Road.

The field at the Brompton Road end of Walnut Tree Walk to the east was Goodwin’s Field. Towards the south end of Goodwin’s Field a gravel pit is mentioned in 1753, and the right to excavate it.

Otherwise, the area was divided as some seventy acres of market gardens and more acres of grassland or paddock. Even "market garden" is a misnomer - they was more as likely nurseries rather than cabbages.

East of Walnut Walk, to the south the area was bounded by the properties fronting Fulham Road which constituted part of the small township of Little Chelsea. West of Walnut Tree Walk the unbuilt area extended south to Fulham Road itself.

Coleherne House, a substantial house since the seventeenth century, consisted of three acres. Between about 1802 and 1845 some eight acres more, near the Old Brompton Road, were part to nine villas or ’cottages’ and their gardens or pleasure grounds. These were mostly built on part of the property recently acquired by a successful Mayfair confectioner, James Gunter.

It was on the remainder of his lands, inherited by his son Robert, that the spread of building began in about 1850 which over the next twenty-five years or so covered almost all the area with streets of houses.

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