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This is the blog for The Underground Map website – a history site for London.

The project is adding historical maps of London from every decade between 1800 and 1950 – a period when London expanded from a city which did not extend beyond Mayfair, Vauxhall, Bethnal Green or Bermondsey. During the Napoleanic Wars at the beginning of this period, Regent’s Park was still countryside and taking the waters of Kilburn was the height of fashion.

There are two parts to the website – the main mapping website and this, the blog, which features London highlights.

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Charing Cross in maps

Charing Cross is widely known as the very centre of London. But we’ll go back in time to when this wasn’t the centre of London but instead a rural village on the northern fringes of Westminster. We’ll go back to the year 1543 when one of the earliest maps of the area was a large …

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Roman Roads of Britain

Sasha Trubetskoy did not set out to create an underground map-style of the Roman roads of Britain—not specifically. He had seen plenty of fantasy transit maps online and, he says, “I figured I could do better.” He just needed a subject, and he landed on ancient Rome, which no one had tackled before, despite its …

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