July 2015 archive

The London Blitz in colour

On the anniversary of the launch of Winston Churchill’s ‘V for Victory’ campaign on 19 July 1941, we are featuring these Time Life Pictures/Getty Image photographs which show the full horror of the destruction inflicted by Nazi bombings across London. Workers wielding pick-axes and shovels are tasked with clearing away the remains of bombed building …

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Barham Avenue, WD6

Barham Avenue was constructed on the site of two historic houses.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar in 1880 The photograph shows the west side of Temple Bar as it was a short time before its dismantlement shored up with timber to counteract the effects of the excavations for the New Law Courts. Temple Bar was the principal ceremonial entrance to the City of London on its western side from …

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Borehamwood – an overspill town

In times gone by, the bus routes of London were l-o-n-g. London Transport have shortened routes in more modern days, both for the logistic reasons of bus station/depot placement and the slow speed of traffic-clogged streets. The latter reason causes huge problems in timetable planning. Thus, the modern route 2 does not cross a huge …

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