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The alleyways and courtyards of London: K

Kemp’s Court W1 A court situated right in the heart of Berwick Street Market where a seemingly endless line of stalls stretch down both sides of the road. All varieties of fruits and vegetables are available and the market has a tradition of specialising in the most exotic species. The street markets of London have …

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The alleyways and courtyards of London: J

Jason Court W1 Compared with St Christopher’s Place on the opposite side of Wigmore Street, Jason Court is quite simply – dull; it is about as appealing as a January dip in the Thames. It has no tales to tell in contribution to the historic foundations of this area, and neither can we revel in …

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The alleyways and courtyards of London: I

Ireland Yard EC4 When the Black Friars monastery was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1538, most of the buildings were left to decay, whilst some of those occupying the outer fringes of the grounds were given to people who happened to be in the King’s favour at the time. One such beneficiary was Sir Thomas …

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The alleyways and courtyards of London: H

Halfmoon Court EC1 This little patch squeezed between Aldersgate Street and St Bartholomew’s church is a real treasure of intrigue. Halfmoon Court is the southern most of five passages leading eastward from Kinghorn Street. Its route used to continue round a curious dog-leg bend before emerging through a narrow covered passage into Aldersgate Street, but …

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1762: Hampstead Town

This image illustrates Hampstead in the year 1762, showing notable buildings, inns and public houses. Source: T F T Baker, Diane K Bolton and Patricia E C Croot, ‘Hampstead: Hampstead Town’, in A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 9, Hampstead, Paddington, ed. C R Elrington (London, 1989), pp. 15-33. British History Online

The alleyways and courtyards of London: G

Garrick Yard WC2 Garrick Yard, together with the more familiar Garrick Street to the northeast of here, both took their names from the Garrick Club which, of course, commemorates the famous 18th century actor, David Garrick. As a young man of 18 years of age, David Garrick left his native town of Lichfield on the …

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The alleyways and courtyards of London: F

Falcon Court EC4 If you had lived in the 16th century and been making a visit to the Temple Church then your access would probably have been through Mr Davis’s tailors shop, here in the Court. In those days all churches, their graveyards and cemeteries were places of sanctuary where law breakers could deposit themselves …

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The alleyways and courtyards of London: E

Eagle Court EC1 Situated within a stone’s throw of the Grand Priory Church of Order of St John, this forlorn Court lies in a near state of dejection, abandoned by the Order which many years ago raised it to the status of recognition. This site was once occupied by the house of one of the …

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The alleyways and courtyards of London: D

Dean’s Court EC4 Of the numerous thousands of visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral each year, how many do we suppose take a few steps across St Paul’s Churchyard and venture into the ancient lanes to the south which have remained unchanged since the Cathedral was built? I suspect not more than a handful. In reality, …

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The alleyways and courtyards of London: C

Capel Court EC2 Capel Court has little to offer unless, of course, you happen to be involved in the lucrative profession of stockbroking. This short walkway, leading up to the entrance of the Stock Exchange is lined with modern offices; quite a different scene from that viewed by Sir William Capel as he looked out …

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