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London Borough of Brent

This guide to the streets and notable areas of Brent has been derived from the Conservation Area guides issued by the borough in the early 21st century. ===== ACTON LANE In 1837 the London & Birmingham Railway was built through East Twyford, destroying some cottages. A former beerhouse where Acton Lane crossed the canal became …

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CHISLEHURST CONSERVATION AREA A Study compiled and written for The Chislehurst Society by Mary S Holt August 1992 Editors note Mary Holt’s 1992 study of the Chislehurst Conservation Area is full of interest at a number of different levels. Not only did she describe the then current features of all the roads in the Conservation Area, she added …

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Roomy villas : the story of Southfields Grid and its surroundings

Full text of “Roomy villas : the story of Southfields Grid and its surroundings” was produced as a free eBook by local historian Neil Robson during 2000 in partnership with Wandsworth Libraries and Museum. Acknowledgements So many people have contributed towards the success of this project, and it is fair to say that without their …

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Gascoigne’s Survey of Stepney of 1703