February 2020 archive

D minus 4: Southwark Tour

It was the weekend and I’d decided for a week or so, that it was time for a bit of walking education. Since I’m adding this well in arrears, little did I know that this was one of the last normal things I’d do pre-pandemic. It was Leap Year Day bit otherwise just a normal …

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D minus 5: Pancakes

Despite intentions, February 28th was not a day of photographs. I did, that day, find this on the internet. Does it count as a February 28th entry? Probably not. It is what it is.  

D minus 6: High Street shops

The death of the High Street preceded the pandemic.

D minus 8: Barons Court

25 February 2020 This is a favourite photo of mine – I love Barons Court platforms with their spirit of the 1870s.

D minus 11: Salisbury

Spent the daylight part of the day with my sister, clearing out my father’s old house so that it could be sold. In the evening, for a contrast, up at the cathedral events took a very trippy turn.

D minus 12: Kew Bridge station

This captured a moment in time. Walking down to Kew Bridge station. I would next have nipped into a pub-cum-coffee shop where flat whites were sold, suitable for a train ride. I would have got my coffee loyalty card stamped there, probably for the final time.

D minus 14: Using that Oyster card

Once travel becomes free to you, that privilege is going to be used – oh yes. You can start the day in the Edgware Road ignoring the rule about photographing food on your blog. You can take a photo somewhere – is that Willesden Green station? Who knows? You can be up in Uxbridge where …

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D minus 15: Union Jack Club

Part of my job was organising an annual space conference. This needed a venue so I’d travel to various places that offered such facilities. One of these was the Union Jack Club at Waterloo East. I’d not heard of the Union Jack Club, never mind being inside it. But here it is.

D minus 18: Oyster

Having arrived back in the UK, I was united with my new Oyster card. If you live in London, one of the advantages of increasing decrepitude is the reward of free travel for the over 60s. Being a London obsessive, I couldn’t believe my good fortune – I was now free to travel to distant …

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Stonebridge Park

Stonebridge Park is an area of north London in the London Borough of Brent.