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Blondin Avenue, W5

Blondin Avenue is named after 19th century acrobat Blondin.

Amelia Street, SE17

Amelia Street originally consisted of late 19th century tenement blocks built by James Pullen, a local builder, between 1886 and 1901.

Cheapside, EC2V

Cheapside is a street in the City of London, the historic and modern financial centre of London.

The Folk Who Lived On The Hill

Foreward Getting it Straight in Notting Hill Gate Gravel Pits A pre-19th century chronology 200 000-10 000 BCE The archaeology of Kensington and Chelsea begins with Palaeolithic activity during the ice age at the edge of the glaciers. Flint axes from the period have been found in South Kensington and Chelsea, and there would also …

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Camden Road, NW1

Camden Road is a main road running from Camden up to Holloway Road.

Commercial Street, E1

Commercial Street is a major thoroughfare running north-south from Shoreditch High Street to Whitechapel High Street.

Tottenham Court Road, W1T

Tottenham Court Road is a major road running from the junction of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road, north to Euston Road – a distance of about three-quarters of a mile.

Burns Way, TW5

Burns Way, lying to the north of Hounslow West, lies next to the remains of Hounslow’s countryside.

Colville Gardens, W11

Colville Gardens was laid out in the 1870s by the builder George Frederick Tippett, who developed much of the rest of the neighbourhood.

Goods Way, N1C

Goods Way runs from Pancras Road to York Way.