March 2021 archive

Howard Street, WC2R

Howard Street ran from Surrey Street to Arundel Street until 1974.

Ayres Street, SE1

Ayres Street was formerly known as Whitecross Street.

Alpha Grove, E14

Alpha Grove runs from Strafford Street to Tiller Road.

Aldgate High Street, EC3N

Once the route to one of the six original gates of the Wall of London, Aldgate High Street has an important place in medieval London’s history.

Banister Road, W10

Banister Road just scrapes being classed as belonging to the Queen’s Park Estate.

Mortimer Place, NW6

Mortimer Place can be found in Kilburn, NW6.

Albury Street, SE8

Albury Street was originally Union Street – a name commemorating the 1707 union of Scotland and England.

Bull and Mouth Street, EC1A

Bull and Mouth Street ran between King Edward Street and St Martin’s Le Grand.

Whielden Street, HP7

Whielden Street is the only street with this name in the UK.

Ely Gardens, WD6

Ely Gardens is a cul-de-sac off of Nicoll Way.