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Baillies Walk, W5

Baillies Walk is a footpath in (South) Ealing leading from St Mary’s Ealing to Warwick Road.

Loughton Lane, CM16

Loughton Lane has what is widely regarded as Theydon Bois’ most iconic landmark – the ’Avenue of Trees’

Theydon Bois

Theydon Bois is a village in the Epping Forest district of Essex.

Queenstown Road

Queenstown Road is a station in Battersea between Vauxhall and Clapham Junction.


The Walbrook is a ‘lost river’ of London. It is not lost in the sense that people don’t know where it runs – instead it is now buried beneath the streets of the City of London and is lost from view. Nearer to its source, it was long ago culverted but still runs under streets …

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Kilburn Lane, W10

Kilburn Lane runs around the edge of the Queen’s Park Estate in London W10.


Batchworth was once a village but is now a civil parish and effectively part of Rickmansworth.

Caldwell Street, SW9

Caldwell Street was originally called Holland Street.

Tower blocks

We are indebted to the Tower Block project run by the University of Edinburgh for much of the information about post-war social housing on The Underground Map. The project lists build dates, block design and much more information as featured on our pages. Special thanks go to Kat Breen of the project.

Belgrave Square, SW1X

Thomas Cubitt’s greatest achievement, Belgrave Square, is the grandest and largest of his squares, and is the centrepiece of Belgravia.