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Long Lane, UB10

Long Lane runs roughly parallel with and about half a mile east of the River Pinn.

Hyde Park Corner, W1J

Hyde Park Corner is a major road junction at the southeastern corner of Hyde Park.

Hackford Road, SW9

Hackford Road is the former home of Vincent van Gogh.

Gun Street, E1

Gun Street was part of the Old Artillery Ground – land formerly designated one of the Liberties of the Tower of London.

Cromer Street, WC1H

Cromer Street originally gave access from Gray’s Inn Road to Greenland Place and a bowling green.

Raymede Street, W10

Raymede Street, after severe bomb damage in the area, disappeared after 1950.

North End Road, NW11

North End Road ultimately links Hampstead with Hendon.

Northfields, SW18

Northfields takes it name as being the North Field of the ancient manor of Dunsford.

London – South of the Thames: Chapter X

Chapter IX London – South of the Thames by Sir Walter Besantt Chapter XI This is a digitised copy of the book London – South of the Thames by Sir Walter Besant Published in London by Adam & Charles Black (1912) This is in its raw form. Sections will be improved manually on this blog …

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Watergate Street, SE8

Watergate Street is an old Deptford street giving access to the river.