April 2022 archive

Rook Street, E14

Rook Street – at first called Mary Street – ran between Poplar High Street and East India Road.

Savoy Circus, W3

Savoy Circus was officially Western Circus when it opened in 1921.

Wyleu Street, SE23

Wyleu Street arrived during the 1880s.

Lavie Mews, W10

Lavie Mews, W10 was a mews connecting Portobello Road and Murchison Road.

Whitehouse Avenue, WD6

Whitehouse Avenue was originally to be called Cornwall Avenue.

Pratt Street, NW1

Pratt Street was named for Charles Pratt, 1st Earl of Camden.

Houghton Street, WC2A

Houghton Street is a street which has been ’demoted’ over time.

Fournier Street, E1

Fournier Street is a street running east-west from Brick Lane to Commercial Street alongside Christ Church.

Ladbroke Terrace, W11

Ladbroke Terrace was one of the first streets to be created on the Ladbroke estate.

Market Estate, N7

The Market Estate is situated to the north of Caledonian Park, named after the Metropolitan Cattle Market which operated on the site until the 1960s.