Abingdon Road, W8

The present name recalls the parish connection with the abbey of Abingdon but the road began its life as Newland Street in 1817,built upon land from the Nokes Estate – a farm which used to be in the area.

The street is tree-lined and attractive.

The east section of Abingdon Road between Cope Place and Abingdon Villas was developed in 1852-4. Nos. 40-50 (even) were probably built by Richard Anderson, a builder from Plaistow who had a brickfield in the area, and No. 52 by Barnabas Jennings and William Stevenson. These were all builders involved in other parts of the Abingdon Villas and Scarsdale Villas area.

Ilchester Mansions was built by James Turner and Charles Withers in 1892-3. The designs were by George Eves. Eves was the estate surveyor for the Allen-Stevens Estate which owned much of the land in this area.

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