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Connaught Square, W2

Connaught Square was the first square of city houses to be built in the Bayswater area.

Bayswater Road, W2

Bayswater Road is the main road running along the northern edge of Hyde Park.


Bayard’s Watering Place, recorded in 1380, was where the stream later called the Bayswater rivulet or Westbourne passed under the Uxbridge road. The name presumably denoted a place where horses were refreshed, either from the stream itself or from a spring such as the one in Conduit field which from 1439 supplied the City with …

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Queensway, W2

The conservation area lies along the course of the former Westbourne Green Lane, which linked the Uxbridge (now Bayswater) Road with the village of Westbourne Green. A series of name changes saw the route become first Black Lion Lane, then Queens Road, and finally Queensway. At the start of the nineteenth century the area was …

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The Fascination of London – Mayfair, Belgravia, and Bayswater

Mayfair, Belgravia, and Bayswater – The Fascination of London by Geraldine Edith Mitton Mayfair is at the present time the most fashionable part of London, so much so that the name has come to be a synonym for wealth or pride of birth. Yet it was not always so, as he who runs may read, …

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1729: Upton Farm, Bayswater

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”″ width=”400″ height=”400″] Click on the markers to access locations on the main website In 1710, Robert Pollard was the owner of the old buildings of Bayard’s Watering Place and 6 acres of land in what had once been common fields of Westbourne Green. He sold them to Thomas Upton and his wife …

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Bayard’s Watering Place

The name Bayswater originates from Bayard’s Watering Place, first recorded in 1380 as a place where horses were refreshed on their way out of or into London. At this watering place a stream called the Westbourne passed under the Uxbridge Road, which is now known as the Bayswater Road. The stream ran south along the …

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Notting Hill and Bayswater

Extract below originally appeared in pages 177-188 of Edward Walford, ‘Notting Hill and Bayswater’, in Old and New London: Volume 5 (London, 1878). British History Online.   As soon as ever we quit the precincts of Kensington proper, and cross the Uxbridge Road, we become painfully conscious of a change. We have left the “Old …

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The River Westbourne

The hills of Hampstead Heath provide the source of three lost rivers of London – the Westbourne, Tyburn and Fleet. These rivers were long buried underground and the modern streetscape contains few hints at these former watercourses. Old maps show the routes that these rivers took. The Westbourne rises in two main places in Hampstead …

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Middlesex: Bayswater

Bayswater has come to be the name for the whole of the former Paddington metropolitan borough south of the railway. The area described below, however, is the south-western part of Paddington, from the Kensington boundary eastward to Lancaster Gate Terrace and Eastbourne Terrace and from Bayswater Road northward to Bishop’s Bridge Road and Westbourne Grove. …

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