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Eton Avenue, NW3

Eton Avenue runs parallel with Adelaide Road, two blocks north.

Isokon Flats

The Isokon building is a concrete block of 34 flats designed by architect Wells Coates for Molly and Jack Pritchard, as an experiment in communal living.

Belsize Avenue, NW3

Belsize Avenue was once the driveway to the former Belsize House.


Featured streets are gleaned from the various Conservation Area guides issued by the London Borough of Camden. ABBEY ROAD (1824) Abbey Road at the northeast of the St John’s Wood West area was laid out in 1824 along an earlier medieval track. ABERDARE GARDENS (1893) The last road to be developed in the area was …

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Farming in Hampstead

The demesne (land attached to a manor and retained for the owner’s own use) occupied the heart of Hampstead manor and parish. It was originally owned by Westminster Abbey. By 1539 the whole estate was leased to William Wrench. There were 296 acres of demesne farmland in 1646, little changed since 1312, but the acreage …

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Belsize Park

Modern Belsize includes the manor of Belsize and the northern part of the Chalcots estate. This article summarises the history of the two estates and explains how in the second half of the nineteenth century Belsize was transformed from farmland and gentlemen’s country houses to a middle class suburb.    The Belsize Estate Belsize, or …

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Middlesex: Belsize and Chalcotts

Belsize … Chalcots. Until the 19th century, the only building on the Hampstead portion of the Chalcots estate, apart from the two farmhouses in England’s Lane, was Steele’s Cottage, where Sir Richard Steele the essayist stayed in 1712 to evade his creditors. The house, which stood on a mound on the west side of Haverstock …

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