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Palestine Place, E2

Palestine Place led east from Cambridge Heath Road.

Bonners Hall

Bonners Hall was named for sometime resident Bishop Bonner.

Cambridge Heath

Cambridge Heath is a district in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, north of Bethnal Green.

Bonner Street, E2

Bonner Street was named for Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London from 1539–49 and again from 1553-59.

Gibraltar Walk, E2

Gibraltar Walk leads north from Bethnal Green Road.

Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green – a happy corner

Cambridge Heath Road, E2

The route of Cambridge Heath Road, passing through Bethnal Green as a broad stretch of waste, was mentioned in the 1580s as the highway from Mile End to Hackney.

Old Ford Road, E3

Old Ford Road stretches two and a quarter miles from Bethnal Green to Bow.

East End Churches

Much of this section  derives from the research of Prebendary Arthur Royall (13 October 1919 – 17 June 2013). East London Churches with dates of Consecration The Parish Churches Of Bethnal Green St. Matthew 1746 St. John on Bethnal Green 1823 St. Philip 1840 St. Peter 1841 St. Andrew 1841 St. James the Less 1842. …

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1731: Bethnal Green

Detail showing Bethnal Green from Bowles’ folding map of London of 1731. This is a later edition of the map first issued by Bowles in 1719 extended to include Stepney and the Isle of Dogs. Bowles based this part of the map on Gascoigne’s Survey of Stepney of 1703. Copyright: Crace Collection, British Library