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Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

Just came back from Malta – where I wasn’t blogging. Very interesting and historic island but rather warm. While I was there, Queen Elizabeth died. Since the web is awash with articles on the subject, here are some photos which I took and are a bit more unusual.

45 fiendish London emojis

Most are stations, some are areas, a few are tourist attractions. But all are within the M25. When you can go no further, the answers are here…

The 1912 streets of Spitalfields

The fascinating story of one man’s random walk in 1912

COP 26

Emoji answers

The answers to the Emoji Quiz 1: Balham 2: Wanstead 3: Clapham 4: Shooters Hill 5: Swiss Cottage 6: Angel 7: Hyde Park 8: Nine Elms 9: Catford 10: Queens Park 11: Strawberry Hill 12: Blackfriars 13: Dalston 14: Gants Hill 15: Madame Tussauds 16: Abbey Road 17: Battersea Cats and Dogs Home 18: Olympic …

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Al Worden (1932-2020)

Alfred Merrill Worden USAF (7 February 1932 – 18 March 2020), command module pilot for Apollo 15 and my friend. Such was Al’s personality that he was also the friend of everybody he met.

The last day of my old life

I woke up in South Ealing, packed some of my stuff but leaving most of it for the next trip over. I’d come straight to London from Orlando without passing through the Netherlands so left a lot of tee shirts and all sorts in Ealing. Laden with the luggage I’d decided to take, it was …

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D minus 2

As spotted in Perivale on a visit

D minus 3: Ealing cards

Yes. Hmmm. Evidence of THAT birthday. Well I cheered myself up at least. Otherwise grim tbh

D minus 4: Southwark Tour

It was the weekend and I’d decided for a week or so, that it was time for a bit of walking education. Since I’m adding this well in arrears, little did I know that this was one of the last normal things I’d do pre-pandemic. It was Leap Year Day bit otherwise just a normal …

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