Category: City of London

Dukes Place, EC3A

Duke’s Place was formerly called Duke Street.

St James’s Place, EC3A

St James’s Place was an open square, formerly Broad Court, which held a daily market that sold fruits of various kinds.

St Martin’s Le Grand, EC1A

St Martin’s Le Grand is a street north of Newgate Street and a former liberty within the City of London

Lombard Street, EC3V

Lombard Street has a history stretching back to medieval times.

Victoria Embankment, EC4Y

Victoria Embankment is part of the Thames Embankment scheme of 19th-century civil engineering that reclaimed land next to the River Thames.

Carmelite Street, EC4Y

Carmelite Street continues south from Whitefriars Street, which itself is just off Fleet Street.

Cloth Fair, EC1A

Cloth Fair stands where the original Bartholomew Fair was held in medieval times.

Old Dick Whittington, EC1A

The Dick Whittington Inn at 24 Cloth Fair was a sixteenth century building and once part of a row of medieval buildings lining the street.

Alderman’s Walk, EC2M

Alderman’s Walk was formerly Dashwood’s Walk, for Francis Dashwood, who lived here in the 18th century.

Amen Court, EC4M

Many of the highways and byways around the precincts of St Paul’s Cathedral bear names which have ecclesiastical origins.